Island Sweet Skunk Strain Review

sweet island skunk strain review


There are so many cannabis strains on the market that it’s nearly impossible to keep count. Thankfully though, strains are typically split into two main categories: uppers (sativa) and downers (indica).

Upper strains make you feel more energetic and are the perfect morning smoke to start your day on a high. Downers are quite calming, making your mind and body feel relaxed after a tough day at work.

When buying cannabis, hemp or CBD products, you must know what you are looking for. Do you want something to boost your spirits or calm you down? Want to get creative or just chill on the couch while getting lost in a movie?

This guide reviews the island sweet skunk strain and offers a few tips to consider when buying cannabis, hemp, and CBD online.

Island Sweet Skunk Strain: Overview

The island sweet skunk is a hybrid strain of 80% Sativa and 20% Indica. This sativa dominant strain is a crossbreed between the Skunk strain and a yet-to-be-disclosed sativa strain. It is an upper, meaning that it is great if you are looking for something to boost your mood and energy levels.

This strain does well outdoors, especially in warm regions, and the flowering season ends after two months. You can also grow the strain but must provide the right conditions for a good crop and harvest. The buds are deep green with shades of white, which make them appear somewhat lighter.

The flavors from this strain are a mix of citrus and pine. The after-smoke flavors leave sweet and fruity scents. This strain is perfect for newbies trying hemp for the first time as the flavors are mild with a nice aftertaste.

Top Benefits of the Sweet Skunk Strain

As mentioned before, the sweet skunk strain is a sativa dominant strain or upper. This means that it is great for managing stress and depression.

Many people smoke it before working out to get that energy boost to power them through their session. You will notice increased levels of concentration, focus, and creativity.

The most notable benefits of this strain include:

  • Energetic boost
  • Creative high
  • Uplifted mood

However, if you are suffering from issues related to stress and anxiety disorders, we recommend visiting a doctor first. The island sweet skunk strain has no major side effects, but you may experience issues such as mild headaches, paranoia, and dry eyes if you overdose.

Sweet Skunk Strain: Buying Tips

Do intense market research if you plan to buy hemp products online. Read reviews from previous shoppers. We recommend getting your hemp from renowned brands. You can get high-quality island sweet skunk from Cannaflower.

Proper hemp or CBD products must comply with the 2018 Farm Bill. Also, ensure that they have a certificate from third-party lab tests to show that their products are safe for human consumption.

The Wrap Up

If you want something to uplift your mood, you will not go wrong with the island sweet skunk strain. It is the perfect smoke to start your day on a high note (no pun intended). There are plenty of other sativa strains or uppers on the market that you can also sample.

For first-timers, go slow, giving your body time to feel the effects. This strain contains lower amounts of THC (the psychoactive element found in marijuana) so it’s great for beginners, but it offers a great euphoric and energetic high. There is little chance that you will get too high or feel paranoid.

All in all, this is a great strain for beginners and seasoned smokers alike, especially those who crave a fairly mellow high (contains lower THC levels) but offers a super nice creative, energetic, and uplifting boost to your mood and energy levels.

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