Five Popular Natural Herbs to Try Today

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If you enjoy natural herbs like cannabis and want to expand your repertoire and try something new, you might be wondering just what to choose.

There are many options out there, but do you have the time to try everything out? The answer is probably not.

Don’t worry, though; if you start with the herbs on this list, you’ll have a good basis to go from, and you’ll have made a great start.

Read on to find out more…

Top 5 Alternative Natural Herbs to Try Today

While we know we love cannabis and natural medicine, there is more to the the world of herbs than one might be in the know. Want to expand your horizons? Check this list out.

1. Lavender

You can press lavender in your nectar pollen pincher all by itself, or you can add it as a great supplement to a variety of other herbs; the choice is yours, and it will really depend on what effect you are looking to achieve.

Most people enjoy lavender because it smells great, and it helps them sleep better. If you suffer from insomnia, or you just want to sleep for longer for health reasons, lavender is a great choice. Some people also use lavender to combat the withdrawal associated with quitting smoking.

When you smoke lavender, you won’t get high exactly, but you will feel blissful and calm.

2. Rose Petals

What do you think of when you think of rose petals? It’s more than likely some kind of romantic situation, but did you know they are an ideal flower to smoke? You can crush the leaves and mash them to make them smokable, or you can roll other herbs into them and use them as an alternative to paper.

Why try rose? As with lavender, it smells and tastes great, so that’s a good start. However, it’s also highly medicinal, and is a great way to reduce headaches and sore throats, as it helps with inflammation.

3. Mugwort

Although it might sound like something from the Harry Potter books, mugwort is very real, and it’s a great herb to try if you’re looking for something different. It does, unfortunately, have a bitter taste and a sage-like aroma, but its useful properties more than make up for these drawbacks.

Since mugwort has some of the same therapeutic benefits as cannabis, it could be worth a try for regular smokers. Experts claim that mugwort can be used to ease heart conditions, cold symptoms, and give you better dream recall.

4. Blue Lotus

Even though blue lotus is not a very popular plant for smoking, this flower has many health benefits.

A case study in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs says that the Mayans and Egyptians used blue lotus in ceremonies, rituals, and for healing. Like lavender, blue lotus can help people feel less stressed and anxious and fall asleep faster. Most people who use this plant smoke it, but drinking it as tea can help treat diarrhea, and other health benefits are still being investigated.

5. Holy Basil

This ayurvedic herb, often called tulsi, is rich in adaptogens and is hailed as a true super plant. The menthol-like aftertaste that some smokers report experiencing is a side effect of the powerful flavor that hits them when they smoke this particular herb. The result is a calm feeling.

The Takeaway

While many consider cannabis the holy grail of natural herbs and medicine, the world of herbs is seemingly never ending once you dive in.

Herbs can be consumed in teas, smoked, or taken in a plethora of others ways, and just like the flexibility of cannabis, there’s a lot to explore.

Give these five herbs a go if you’re looking to expand your horizon. Lavender, mugwort, blue lotus, and holy basil are a fan favorite!

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