What Are the Highest-Paying Jobs in the Cannabis Industry?



Cannabis has marked its presence in the health industry due to its ultimate benefits. Its users have appreciated it as a reliever of pain, stress, anxiety, and more.

But do you know that there is a huge opportunity as a career as well? If you are a cannabis lover, you can opt for it as a career option. There are multiple cannabis industry jobs with high-salary opportunities.

And Exhale Wellness is top brand in cannabis industry and they’re paying high salaries to their employees. Let’s talk about them in this blog article.

Advantages of Working in the Cannabis Industry

No Prerequisites

Most job sectors demand that you get a specific certification or degree before you can even think about applying for a job. However, in the cannabis sector, most jobs do not need a particular degree. It might not be the case if you are applying for a role in the laboratory.

For such a role, you must supply proof of educational qualification in that field. But if you are applying for a non-specific role, for example, in the retail wing of the business, you will only need to show some experience in standard retail.

Plenty of Choices Are Available

The marijuana industry offers you many career paths to choose from, even at the entry level. You can work as a retailer, budtender, trimmer, or delivery driver. In each of these positions, you can gain valuable experience and then apply for a management role.

You can also work to promote the cannabis business on social media and earn a lot of experience in advertising and brand marketing.


If you are a habitual marijuana consumer, then joining a cannabis business can get you several discount offers. Employers offer this benefit to retain their employees. You can enjoy this perk and buy your favorite products at a huge discount.

Like-Minded People

When your work aligns with your passion, you enjoy your life more. In the cannabis industry, you will find people who are just as passionate about cannabis as you are.

Top Cannabis Industry Jobs

Cannabis Scientist

Most cannabis businesses have more than one scientist on their payroll. Their job is to conduct scientific research and make sure of quality. A cannabis manufacturer has to abide by the laws in his area of operation, and a cannabis scientist ensures that the product complies with the regulations. Therefore, a cannabis scientist is extremely important to the business and can offer up to $250,000 in annual salary.

Director of Cultivation

A director of cultivation or master grower is responsible for planting, nurturing, and growing the marijuana plant. They are also charged with cloning the plants and determining the potency of each breed. Employers prefer candidates with both horticultural and managerial experience. Since this role is vital for the business, employers pay $150,000 on average to master growers.

Pest Controller

Cannabis plants attract a lot of pests which would compromise the quality of the end products. If pest-infested marijuana is consumed, it can cause several health problems. The pest controller is tasked with protecting the plants from them. They are professionals who know natural means of eliminating pests so plants can grow without any bugs. A pest controller earns anywhere between $50,000 to $75,000 in a given year.


Without proper marketing, no business can hope to be successful. Hence, cannabis business owners regularly use influencer marketing to promote their products. They hire social media personalities as brand ambassadors and have them attend promotional events and also make content for their products. Ambassadors can get an average salary of $50,000 per annum.

Cannabis Extraction Technician

A cannabis extraction technician is a skilled professional who supervises the entire extraction process. These technicians must know how to separate the different cannabinoids extracted during this process. They can expect to get anywhere between $75,000 to $125,000 per annum, depending on the size of the business.


A budtending job is the easiest route to getting into the industry. These positions attract a lot of applicants because of the competitive salary and good benefits. Budtenders must be helpful and friendly to the customers shopping at the retail dispensary. They must have complete knowledge of all the strains available in the store and point the right one out according to customer needs. A budtender usually makes about $40,000 every year, excluding tips.

Compliance Officer

Strict laws bind the cannabis industry. The compliance officer makes sure that the business runs according to those laws. There are many states in the U.S. where growing and selling marijuana is allowed but with several limitations. Compliance Officers are responsible for keeping the business on the right side of the law. It is a demanding role since the laws are always changing, so you can easily expect $100,000 – $110,000 in yearly income.

Chief Financial Officer

A Chief Financial Officer in the cannabis industry gets paid around $260,000 to $350,000 per annum. It makes them one of the highest-paid employees in the industry. They need to have a degree in finance and adequate experience in business.


To summarize, there are several life perks and career benefits of working in the cannabis industry. Also, they offer some of the highest-paying jobs in the market for both veterans and novices.

As the industry continues to grow, new job opportunities will come up. Thus, if you have the necessary skills and experience, we recommend that you try the cannabis market once in your professional life.

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