The Best Holiday Gifts for the Cannabis Enthusiast on Your List

cannabis christmas gift

Now that cannabis is legal in most states (not to mention entire countries), you’re well within your rights to incorporate cannabis into Christmas – or whatever you celebrate.

There’s usually one person on your list who loves weed. One perpetual smoker constantly perfecting their setup. This holiday season, give that person what they really want: One of the six gifts below, uniquely suited to the cannabis lifestyle.

1. Boveda Packs and Storage Containers

Boveda packs are a must-have for cannabis storage. The two-way moisture control packs dial in the relative humidity of a storage container, ensuring flavorful, terpene-packed, sticky weed every single time. Moreover, they disinhibit mold in weed, ensuring that your stash stays fresh far longer.

At a nominal price point, these hardworking little packets make a fantastic stocking stuffer. For something more substantial, check out the company’s line of dedicated storage containers, storage bags, and humidity control packs.

2. DIY Edible Mix Kit

That first foray into making edibles is usually a miss. It can be challenging to extract the right amount of THC and stabilize it throughout the baking process. A DIY edible mix kit takes the guesswork out of it.

If that cannabis lover on your list has a “do-it-yourself” streak, consider one of these mixes. Zen Zingers makes a particularly fool-proof gummy-making kit.

3. A Splashy Ashtray or Rolling Set

If you want to highlight form over function, consider a splashy ashtray or rolling set. The most buzzworthy company working in this space is probably House Plant (helmed by Hollywood actor and major cannabis enthusiast Seth Rogen). Their barebones offerings start at around the $30 range, while their bespoke ceramics can reach upwards of a few hundred dollars.

For something more affordable, check out this Leafly list of the coolest ashtrays currently on the market.

4. Festive Rolling Papers

Rolling papers that taste like a candy cane? Rolling papers that look like an ugly Christmas sweater? They’ve thought of it all. Clocking in at just a couple of dollars, these festive papers make an impressive and fun stocking stuffer for the weed lover in your life.

5. An Odor Eliminating Candle

In bygone days, people just lit a metric ton of incense to cover the dank smell of a roasting joint. But that method doesn’t neutralize odor as much as it replaces the scent with an even stronger one.

For the discreet smoker on your list, consider an odor-eliminating candle. Trippy Hippie and Cannabolish both make fantastic candles; the former features more of a psychedelic design, while the latter looks like an upmarket candle.

6. A Portable Electric Grinder

Electric grinders take the hassle and inconsistency out of breaking apart bud. Yes, they’re pricey. But the people that own one usually cherish it. Recently, Esquire released a ranking of their favorite bud-busters; it’s a great resource if you plan on gifting the right grinder.

This holiday season, forgo the socks and sweaters and get that cannabis enthusiast something they’ll actually use. Combine a few of the less expensive gifts above, or splash out on something luxurious.

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