The Evolution of Disposable Vapes- From Cigalike to Pod Systems

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The invention of disposable vapes has made a great impact on the e-cigarette industry. Over the past decade, disposable vapes have been on the rise in terms of advancements and technology.

The vaping technology has grown from the earliest cigalikes to vape pens to more modern disposable vapes like the Hyde vape. This article discusses the evolution of disposable vapes – from the earliest cigalike to the latest pod systems.

Cigalikes: The Beginning

Cigalike is a small cigarette lookalike that is often disposable. In the earliest days of e-cigarettes, cigalikes were almost the only available alternative to traditional cigarettes. Although they were not as advanced or modern as today’s devices, it was still a rising phenomenon among smokers who were looking for an alternative.

These devices were made almost like cigarettes except that they had two major components- a small prefilled cartridge to contain the e-liquid and a built-in battery. Cigalikes were made with sleek designs and have simple working. They are draw-activated and have a limited capacity of the cartridge.

However, despite their early rise in the vaping industry, they have become less popular due to the advancements in disposable vape devices. Some of their limitations are that they have a relatively lower battery life and need to be recharged quite frequently. They also have a limited e-liquid capacity and flavors.

They are called cigalike as it is derived from ‘cigarette’ and ‘alike’ due to their close resemblance to it.

Evolving into Vape Pens

After the innovation of cigalikes, vaping technology advanced to the use of vape pens. Vape pens were a progressive version of cigalikes with better performance, higher capacity for storage of e-liquid, and more powerful battery life.

A very significant growth from cigalike to vape pens was the improved vapor production. This was possible because of the advanced coils invented for these vape pens that gave more satisfying throat hits and a stronger flavor experience.

Vapers could now also choose from a wide range of flavors other than the traditional tobacco flavors. Instead of utilizing cartridges like those of cigalikes, vape pens now had refillable tanks and a higher storage capacity for e-liquids.

Manufacturers also started to design vape pens that prioritized safety, unlike cigalikes that were mostly like cigarettes with a cartridge and built-in batteries. Vape pens now included safety measures such as low voltage protection and short-circuit protection. These incorporations of safety measures were able to give many people a safer vaping experience.

These improved features made a lot of people choose vape pens and they slowly started to gain popularity.

The Rise of Pod Systems

Pod systems were a revolutionary innovation in the vaping community. Although vape pens provided a lot of new features and improved advancements that made them extremely user-friendly and convenient, they still required a considerable amount of maintenance.

The emergence of pod systems changed the vaping experience and took it to a whole new level. Pod systems made vaping much more simple with the increased capacity of e-liquid and the presence of an atomizer.

Pod systems came with refillable pods that could be filled with the user’s choice of e-liquid regularly. They are also characterized by a draw-activated mechanism which gets automatically activated when the user inhales from it. This gave the user a feeling like that of smoking.

Another significant change from vape pens to pod systems was in their size and designs. Pod systems started being sleeker and more compact in their design which increased their portability. Users could now carry their pod systems to any place whether during travel or at a time of extreme movement such as running.

The portability factor made a huge difference in the vaping community as users looking for convenience and better designs found the perfect device in pod systems. Its lack of maintenance, as well as ease in the use of these systems, made it extremely popular and handy.

The Pod System Revolution Carries On

With the increasing popularity of pod systems, new and advanced features continued to be added to them. Now. pod systems are available with many more advanced features which include temperature control of the coil, adjustable wattage, and lack of buttons for ease of use.

Along with that, an exciting add-on is the continuously increasing variety of flavors as well as the combination of different scents that is available in pod systems. Apart from the traditional tobacco and nicotine flavors, pod systems are available in fruity flavors such as watermelon, lime, and citrus, mint flavors such as peppermint, fresh mint, and cool mint, coffee-flavored vapes, and desserts such as caramel, vanilla shake, and cheesecake.

Along with the fruity, sweet, mint, and dessert flavors, there is also an increase in the new seasonal flavors as manufacturers are making seasonal flavors to increase their popularity. These new flavors are attracting many users to use pod systems and try out the various flavors.

The Future of Disposable Vapes

With the increase in technology, the future of disposable vapes is starting to seem more advanced and innovative. Many manufacturers are trying out various ways to enhance users’ vaping experience through increased performance and suitability.

We may see disposable vapes with increased battery life that will last much longer than the ones available today. This can ensure an extended period of usage even for disposable vapes which makes it more convenient as users can experience an uninterrupted experience.

With the rapid growth in technology, future disposable vapes could have integrated features such as Bluetooth connectivity, heating control, and other customizable settings. It could soon be connected to our phone applications wherein we can keep track of usage and patterns.

Also, with the increased use of Artificial Intelligence and smart technologies, you may start receiving personalized recommendations of which vape might appeal to you. The growing awareness of environment friendly devices is also on the rise, due to which manufacturers could focus on constructing disposable vapes which are more sustainable and that utilize recyclable components.


Overall, disposable vapes have come a long way from the initial traditional cigalikes that resembled cigarettes. With the rapid growth in technology and innovation means, disposable vapes have developed into much more simple, compact, and long-lasting devices that are not only affordable but also provide an enhanced vaping experience.

The latest pod systems are coming with many more advanced features such as increased battery life, a wide range of available flavors, and included safety measures. In the future of disposable vapes, manufacturers may get more creative and include connectivity with the internet or incorporate the use of phone applications with disposable vapes. It is exciting and we can’t wait to see what the future holds!

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