Tips to Buy a Quality Vape Pen

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Vape pens are great and come with a lot of benefits. They make it simple, compact, and discreet to manage marijuana intake. Beginners to vaping culture might feel overwhelmed at first.

While there are several techniques and terms you can learn, there still a bit of a learning curve when starting out. If you feel this way, these tips will help you buy a quality vape pen:

1. Be Prepared for Maintenance

Vape devices are no different from other gears you normally use. You will have to replace the moving parts at some point.

One part, which requires regular swapping is a coil or heating element that wears down with time.

2. Check the Battery Life

Based on the disposable vape devices, battery capacity will range from around 280mAh to 1100mAh. The more capacity the vape pen provides, the longer it may last for a long time.

With approximately 280mAh capacity, you will have two or three days of vaping. However, with a higher capacity at Slick Vapes, you will have a week worth of vaping based on the usage.

3. Look at the Heating Method

Usually, convection heating happens when the heat enters the room. Though vaping materials don’t make contact with this component.

While this kind of heating minimizes the likelihood of gasoline, it might take longer to achieve heat. Remember induction might also have more heat than items, which are involved in the conduction process.

4. Quality Airflow

Airflow is vital when choosing vape pens. The capacity to change the airflow and physical design, which promotes a high-performance air intake, is important.

Basically, an increased airflow has a cooler draw, is less harsh on the throat, and can result in more vapor. On the other hand, a decreased airflow is very harsh on the throat, has a warmer draw, and provides less vapor.

5. Consider Vape Temperature

Vape pens usually come with a different temperature setting. Basic ones have single heat settings, which may vaporize materials at a constant temperature level. As for the advanced vape pens, they have precision temperature or variable voltage settings.

A variable voltage pen can give you the option of using a high, low, or medium temperature profile. In contrast, a precision vaporizer may allow you to adjust the temperature setting in a small increment.

6. Prioritize Functionality

One of the important factors to look at is the vape pen’s functionality or ease of use. Some vape pens are super easy to use. All you have to do is put in cannabis, close the pen, and press the button.

However, other pens come with features, such as programmable pre-sets and temperature control. Such pens burn all the vaping materials rather than just e-liquids or legal concentrates.

The more functionality vape pens have, the more they become easy to use. Think of the functionality you need, what price you want, and how comfortable you’re with the added features.

In Conclusion

If you want to vape on the go, you might need to get a portable device. However, if you prefer vaping at home, you may want to consider a desktop unit.

As for beginners, it would be best to start with portable units, then later invest in a good and quality desktop vape pens.

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