Best Sub Ohm Mods


Sub-ohm mods are the cream of the vaping world, and as vaping becomes more popular, more people want to try them. These devices produce a ton of vapor and give you fantastic flavor. Yet there are a lot of different sub-ohm vapes, and not all of them will be good to use.

In this guide to vaping, we’re going to take a look at what you should look for in a sub-ohm vape and which sub-ohm mods are really worth your time.

Are you ready to learn more and make a better purchase? Then read on!

1. Geekvape Aegis Legend 2

We’ve all had that moment of panic where we’ve dropped our mod on the ground and worried that you’d broken it. If you have an Aegis Legend 2, this isn’t a worry that you’ll need to have. This mod is covered in shockproof and dustproof material, which means that it can survive a whole bunch of knocks.

This mod also comes with a fantastic color screen, which is easy to use. No matter whether you want to set wattages manually or want to create a power curve, this mod makes it easy.

The power button is nice and chunky and the vape fits in the hand very well. If you want a hardwearing vape, start here.

2. Voopoo Drag X Plus

If you want a well-made and portable sub-ohm mod, the Drag X Plus is a fantastic place to start. As vaping mods go, this mod has it all in a very small package.

The mod is powered by a single battery. Thanks to a handy adapter, you can choose either an 18650 battery or a larger 21700 battery which will give you a longer battery life.

The mod packs a punch too. It can output up to 100 watts, which is enough for a wide range of sub-ohm tanks.

3. Aspire MIXX

If you want a mod that will really turn heads, the Aspire MIXX is just that. This mod was designed with the aid of Italian mod makers Sunbox, and its side-by-side configuration is striking. It comes with all kinds of nice design features and is made of high-quality materials.

It’s not the most powerful mod around, supporting an output of 60 watts. However, this will be enough for some sub-ohm coils.

4. Uwell Valyrian 2

Small, compact, pocket-sized, none of these words describe the Valyrian 2. However, there’s a good reason that it’s so big: it is powered by three batteries, which means that it’s capable of firing at 300 watts! This is a ridiculously powerful mod, and if you want to make your own coils and chuck the biggest clouds, it’s the one that you need.

If you don’t mind the added bulk, this mod is the pinnacle of power.

The Best Sub-Ohm Mods of 2021

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this look at the best sub-ohm mods on the market today. Any of these will serve you well, but which one you choose is upt to you and your priorities: do you want a mod that looks incredible, one that’s super-powerful, or a compact mod with a range of capabilities?

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