Top Tips to Cultivate Cannabis Indoors

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As a first-time cultivator, getting started is among the biggest roadblocks you will face. First, you will need to look for a suitable place to grow and get the necessary growing equipment. Afterward, you will have to spend more time checking and maintaining your marijuana.

In addition, you have to work within the boundaries of the law before you start. Cultivating cannabis is still illegal in some states across the US and Canada.

Assuming you’re legally allowed to grow at home, it would be best to have someone guide you. Until you master all the growing skills, how to grow weed the guide by APotforPot will be of help:

1. Provide Proper Lighting

Cannabis plants require different amounts of lighting during their flowering and vegetative stages. You should worry about this when it comes to the outdoor setting as the season and sun dictate this.

However, when growing cannabis indoors, you must learn how to control lighting. Usually, plants require around 18 hours of light daily in the vegetative phase and 12 hours in the flowering stage.

Since the amount of light plants get is vital, you must make your indoor space light-tight. A light leak in the dark periods can confuse your marijuana plants, making them revert to a different phase or produce male flowers.

2. Pick a Suitable Growing Medium

Your medium determines what kind of nutrients you need to use, how difficult correcting issues would be, lights for indoor growing, how you feed the plants, and the amount of nutrients you can use.

Soil is the most popular growing medium. It doesn’t require much supplemental nutrition since it is fully packed with a lot of nutrients.

Plus, it is great for beginners and can retain nutrients when compared to other mediums. Apart from the soil, you can also use:

    • Coco
    • Hydroponics

3. Maintain Optimal Humidity and Temperature

Like other plants, marijuana does well in specific environmental conditions. Humidity and temperature are undoubtedly the important external aspects determining the growth and health of your cannabis plants.

During the vegetative phase, you need to keep the temperatures between 22°C and 28°C, while humidity needs to range from 43% to 68%. Sativa strains might withstand more humid and warmer conditions than Indicas.

When in the flowering stage, you need to make the room temperature be around 24°C. The humidity should not go beyond 50% to prevent bud rot and other fungal problems.

4. Choose the Right Seeds

Choosing seeds is important when determining the kind of marijuana plants you need to grow. The aroma, color, quality, and height of marijuana depend on the quality of your seeds.

Try avoiding those that are green, damaged, pale, or soft. Such seeds are immature to start the germination process. If you choose to use immature seeds, you will end up harvesting worse, weak plants, or even nothing at all.

Quality seeds are encased in hard shells, dark brown, and shaped like teardrops. Brown mottling seeds generally indicate sativa, whereas darker tiger stripes mean Indica seeds.

The Takeaway

A perfect place to cultivate marijuana is indoors. You will have absolute control over many things, including lighting, temperature, and humidity.

This allows you to maximize huge yields and rapid growth with amazing potency. Plus, if you make any mistakes, you can still harvest buds as cannabis plants are resilient.

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