Nine Techniques to Manage Your Stress

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Stress refers to the reaction by the body to motivate you to complete the projects on time. At moderate levels, it may help protect the body against oxidative damage. But, higher doses of stress due to prolonged external or internal events can cause havoc. According to studies, stress may trigger several issues such as:

  • Binge eating
  • Increased chances of diseases
  • Skin problems
  • Smaller brain size

Changing your stress response may help you manage it better. Try to deal with stress healthily to meet the deadlines. How can you deal with stress better? Here are some of the techniques you can try to see the difference:

Technique #1 Include Supplements

You can include some holistic supplements in your routine to manage stress. CBD has emerged as one of the holistic options to address stress and anxiety. Edibles containing CBD like gummies may also help address other health problems such as pain. Taking 100 mg CBD gummy bears can make you feel relaxed. Studies indicate that taking CBD may prove effective in dealing with the following forms of anxiety:

  • GAD (General Anxiety Disorder)
  • SAD (Social Anxiety Disorder)
  • PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

You need to seek expert advice before including CBD in your routine to avoid complications.

Technique #2 Develop A Healthy Professional-Personal Life Balance

Are you a workaholic trying to finish jobs on time and take on the next challenge? It can do more harm than good. Putting pressure on yourself can make you stressed all the time. Try to set limits for your work. When you learn to establish boundaries, it may prevent you from burning out. Learn effective time-management strategies to maintain a healthy balance of personal and professional life.

Technique #3 Limit Social Media Use

Most of us use social media to connect with our family and friends. But, using it without any restriction can cause harm. People addicted to social media face FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). It can also make people feel distressed thinking about the lifestyle and achievements of social media influencers. Try to mute or unfollow feeds and accounts triggering the adverse reaction. Reduce the screen time and turn it off to avoid any external influence.

Technique #4 Build A Support System

Surround yourself with family, friends, or colleagues who spread positivity. A support system can help you discuss your problems to ease the burdens. It may aid in gaining a better perspective of the problem affecting your life.

Technique #5 Stay Active

Including physical activity in your routine may ease stress. Studies have indicated that regular physical activity can act as a stress buster. You can include moderate-intensity or vigorous-intensity workouts in your daily routine. You can include the following physical activities:

  • You can walk around or walk in a small space to keep yourself active. Try to walk when you make a call instead of sitting down.
  • A sedentary lifestyle can worsen stress levels. Instead of sitting in one place, try to stand up whenever possible. You need to set a reclining time after sitting for thirty minutes.

Technique #6 Maintain A Healthy Diet

Your diet may play a vital role in maintaining your stress levels. A healthy diet consisting of fresh fruits, vegetables, anti-inflammatory foods, and lean protein may lower stress. Including the best food items may provide fuel to the body. It can help your body function to its best ability. Such nutritious foods can also minimize fatigue and reduce the chances of diseases. But, certain food items can release stress hormones into the body. The increased cortisol levels can make you feel anxious and distressed.

  • Try to eat a diet offering benefits to the body. For example, you can include a Mediterranean diet. It may lower inflammation caused due to stress.
  • Limit caffeine and alcohol as they can worsen stress.

Technique #7 Try Meditation/Relaxation Techniques

When you feel stressed, try to relax. You can try calming exercises such as deep breathing and meditation. These exercises may mitigate the negative impact of stress hormones. It may help release endorphins to stimulate the enjoyment sectors of your brain. You can start a meditation practice. It may lower stress levels and can make you calm.

Technique #8 Connect With Nature

The hectic schedule of daily life can put pressure. Try to spend some time in a scenic location or take a vacation. Connecting with nature may help you change your viewpoint on issues troubling you. Exposure to natural places may help address physical and psychological stress. You can visit a park, gaze at the stars, or watch the waves to commune with nature.

Technique #9 Seek Professional Help

When you find no result with other stress management techniques, seek professional assistance. You can see a doctor who can suggest several methods to deal with stress like:

  • Counseling
  • Talking with peer support groups
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Mindfulness

If you feel overwhelmed, seek expert help. With professional assistance, you can handle stress better. Never feel embarrassed to contact your doctor to deal with stress.


Stress has become an inescapable reality of modern life. You can address the problem with effective stress management techniques. Eventually, it will help you feel free, happier, productive, and healthier. By trying these techniques, you can find the balance in your life. Remember, a one-size-fits-all approach may not work with stress management. Try to find the best stress management technique working well for you to make you feel relaxed.

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