Everything you should know about the Zeus Arc GT


Few things are more important to the modern cannabis vapor enthusiast than build quality, and the Zeus Arc GT should be at the top of your list when it’s time to invest in a new dry herb vaporizer. 

Being able to enjoy fresh cannabis flower with no carcinogens or questionable additives is a rapidly evolving privilege for consumers. After years of showcasing various other vaporizers on the market, the Arc GT has become the most cutting edge Zeus vape yet.

What is the Zeus Arc GT?

The Zeus Arc GT is one of the newest entries into the ongoing dry herb vape wars. While the classic Volcano has long asserted dominance over coffee tables across the globe, when it comes to the vaping hardware in people’s pockets, there is much more room for debate. 

The Arc GT, like the Volcano, was engineered in Germany. The folks at Zeus believe the Arc GT is even infused with automotive DNA. You can see how serious they took the design process when running down the list of features that include a goldplated vapor path and a built-in multi-tool doubling as a USB port cover.

How to setup the Zeus Arc GT

Getting your Arc GT ready to use is a quick process after a proper charging session. Pop open the Arc GT’s magnetic top, you’ll see that the same channel that holds the silicone cap in place also serves to guide grinded flower into the heating chamber that is recessed below everything else. 

The Arc GT will rip according to how tight you pack it — if you over do it, it’s just not as enjoyable. But it should not take you long to find the sweet point that features hearty hits and solid airflow. Keep in mind that attempting to overload it can mess with the magnetic seal. 

How to use the Zeus Arc GT

Once you’ve loaded your strain of choice into the chamber, here’s a simple guide to start getting elevated:

  1. Hold down the power button for two seconds. You’ll feel a long vibration letting you know that it’s powering up. 
  2. Wait for the blue pulsing light to turn green.
  3. Take a long, slow draw.
  4. Adjust the power setting to your liking after the first rip. The moisture content of the material you’re putting into the Arc GT will impact which setting will work best for the experience you’re wanting. 

Extra tips

Don’t immediately empty the chamber when you start to taste burnt flower. Instead, take the tool built into the base of the device and stir up the flower within the chamber. After replacing the lid, you should be able to get a few more decent quality pulls. Remember to be careful when you are sifting around the flower, Zeus warns if you’re not careful you can scratch the inner walls of the chamber. 

Zeus Arc GT vapePhoto by TVape

Some other cool features about the Arc GT include checking the battery by giving it a shake. The Arc GT will enter a battery saving “cool down” mode when you don’t touch it for 30 seconds. It will completely shut down after a couple of minutes when not in use, or if you use it continuously for ten minutes. 

You should be able to get about 90 minutes of power per charge on the battery. The USB charging also makes it easy to take advantage of upgradeable firmware, but the stock settings worked fine for me.

Cleaning your Zeus Arc GT

Like most vaporizers, the cleaning process for the Arc GT is its least appealing factor, but something you’ll have to deal with if you are using the machine regularly. I usually got away with about five sessions before I needed to clean out the chamber.

Whatever you do, make sure not to pour isotropic alcohol into the heating chamber. Dip a Q-tip in alcohol, role the excess off on a paper towel, then swirl it around inside the chamber. Rolling the Q-tip on the paper towel will prevent any alcohol from dripping, and then you can use the same paper towel to clean out that channel the top pops into.

You’ll certainly be able to taste the difference, but the cost/benefit analysis of how often to clean it is up to you. Not a lot of people are using vaporizers in an attempt to discover complex terpene profiles, so if you aren’t worried about missing those more subtle notes in flavor, you can go a little longer between cleanings. 

What’s the appeal?

The Zeus Arc GT ends up being one of the most well-built compact flower vaporizers on the market, even with the minor drawbacks of cleaning and its tendency to get a little warm after extended use. It’s been the main dry flower vaporizer in my household for a few months. 

You won’t get a lot of bells and whistles here, but the form and function are there. If you’re hoping for something a bit busier and loaded up with glow in the dark features, the Arc GT probably isn’t for you. But if you find yourself just looking for a tool to deliver an above average cannabis vapor experience, this vaporizer certainly fits the bill.

 Photos provided by TVape

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