What is CBD Isolate and Why Should You Care?

what is cbd isolate


Has your curiosity about CBD been piqued due to its popularity? Maybe you’d like to give it a try for its numerous benefits, including remedying insomnia or anxiety.

Well, before you go rushing off to buy the first CBD product you get your hands on, there are a few things you need to know—the first being types of CBD available.

CBD comes in three main categories, CBD isolate, broad-spectrum CBD, and full-spectrum CBD, and all these have their pros and cons.

Below is all you need to know regarding CBD isolate, including its benefits, risks, and any other important information regarding it.

What Is CBD Isolate?

CBD isolate is the pure form of CBD. It typically contains nothing else but CBD itself, and it’s deliberately manufactured that way. During the extraction process, everything that’s not CBD is removed. Thus CBD isolate doesn’t contain any terpenes or other cannabinoids such as THC.

CBD isolate available in several different compounds, such as gummies and oils. Depending on where you get it from, it may be 99% pure or higher.

If you’re worried about taking drug tests at work, CBD is the perfect product for you, and it’s unlikely to be detected compared to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). If the CBD isolate is pure, you’ll not get high also.

CBD isolate doesn’t have a smell or taste, making it perfect for infusion to edibles and other oils. If you’re not comfortable with the taste of hemp in your edibles, the CBD isolate will be a good choice.

Getting CBD isolate is easy nowadays. You can get it from brick-and-mortar stores and online vendors who sell a range of CBD isolate products, including Sunday Scaries CBD gummies.

How CBD Isolate Is Made

CBD is either extracted from marijuana or hemp, but most manufacturers prefer to use the latter because of its high CBD content and low THC content (less than 0.03%). The flowers, stems, and leaves of this plant have tiny hair-like projections called trichomes, and these are the richest source of CBD.

CBD is typically extracted from hemp plants using a process known as the supercritical carbon dioxide method. It’s the safest way to get CBD and other substances from the plant and the most expensive.

This method of extraction doesn’t leave ant toxic residues behind. It’s a high-tech means of extracting CBD that requires the use of expensive equipment and considerable scientific knowledge so that you can try it at home.

After CBD is extracted, it has to undergo further refinement to get CBD isolate. The extract is filtered then winterized (soaked in alcohol then frozen) to remove any unwanted material.

How To Use CBD Isolate

CBD isolate can be used in different ways. You could smoke or vape it as CBD crystal isolates. You could add CBD isolate powder to your food and drinks or ingest it as CBD isolate oils where you add it to a “carrier oil” such as hemp seed oil and olive oil and cook with it. You can even get CBD isolate as a tincture to apply to your skin.

Benefits of CBD isolate

CBD isolate has several benefits. It can remedy various health conditions such as anxiety, pain, epilepsy, and inflammation. CBD isolate can also help deal with cancer treatment symptoms such as nausea resulting from chemotherapy.

How well CBD works for these ailments is still yet to be determined, but there are enough indicators to show they work. In 2018, a CBD-based drug, Epidolex, was approved by the FDA to treat seizures in rare-to-treat forms of epilepsy.

Most of the promising findings in CBD may be from lab and animal studies, but testimonies from long-time users of CBD will attest to many of the benefits mentioned above.

Is CBD Isolate Effective?

Products made from CBD isolate are the purest CBD products you can find in the market today. They don’t contain any cannabinoids or compounds such as flavonoids and terpenes. But, some experts argue that CBD alone won’t work as well as CBD combined with these terpenes and other cannabinoids.

This means that forms of CBD like full- or broad-spectrum CBD are much more effective than CBD isolate, thanks to the “entourage effect.” The theory is CBD and other cannabinoids and compounds have synergistic effects.

However, from Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research, a study published in 2019, there’s an “absence of entourage.” More research is needed to find more on how the entourage effect works.

This confusion around CBD isolate, and the other types of CBD boil down to the user and how they wish to take their CBD.


CBD isolate typically offers you the same benefits you’d get from any other type of CBD, but without the entourage effect. You also get more value for your money with CBD isolate because a small amount of CBD isolate goes a long way. The CBD industry is unregulated, so ensure you get your CBD isolate from a reputable brand.

Many online vendors offer you excellent quality and affordable prices, do your research, find a couple, then choose the ones that work for you.

Additionally, you want to buy CBD products that have undergone third-party tests from reputable laboratories and come with a Certificate of Analysis (COA) available to prove it. Some vendors may falsify this document, so keep an eye out for doctored third-party tests too.


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