Cannabis Gift Ideas For The Holidays: Top 6 Stocking Stuffers

cannabis gift ideas

Awesome Stocking Fillers for the Pothead in Your Life!

Did you know that nearly 50% of adults in the United States have smoked marijuana at least once?

Marijuana is used both recreationally and medicinally, making its use more than it ever was before.

If you have a pothead in your life and aren’t sure about what to get them, there are a couple of stocking stuffers to consider.

Continue reading to discover some of the best stocking fillers to gift your friends or family that enjoy smoking marijuana!

1. Rolling Papers

One of the best stocking fillers for the pothead in your life is rolling papers, especially in the brand of their choice.

If your friend or a family member has a particular type of rolling paper that they use, pick up a couple of packages for them. The small size of the papers and price make it a perfect stocking stuffer that won’t make you go broke.

Rolling papers can be found in a variety of brands, flavors, and materials. If your friend struggles with rolling joints, you could always consider getting them cones. Cones are rolling papers that are already in the right shape. All they need to do is pack in their weed and twist it at the end.

A stoner can never have too many rolling papers. Since they don’t have an expiration date you don’t have to worry about buying them at the last minute either!

2. CBD Edibles

If you are looking for stocking fillers for women that enjoy marijuana but don’t always want the “high,” CBD edibles are a great option.

It is a good idea to get CBD edibles in candies and chocolates that your friend enjoys eating. You can turn their favorite snack into a relaxing treatment that helps them calm down and get a better night of rest. Although CBD doesn’t have mind-altering effects, it still has many benefits that stem from the cannabis plant.

Many people recommend getting CBD edibles because they don’t show up on drug tests or alter your state of mind. CBD makes an excellent filler for in-between bowls of marijuana and will help your friend save money in the long run. You can find a variety of CBD edibles at smoke shops, head shops, and dispensaries.

3. Stash Jar

Finding stocking fillers for smokers isn’t a challenging task because there are so many useful gifts to consider.

If you want to get a practical and cheap stocking stuffer, you should think about buying a stash jar for your friend or family member. A stash jar can be found online, in smoke shops, or at dispensaries. What makes stash jars so beneficial is that they prevent the strong odor of weed from escaping.

Depending on how much your friend smokes, you can find many different sizes and styles of stash jars. Try to think about their interests or favorite colors to find a jar that fits their personality. If you want bonus points, you could always fill the jar up with some buds for an extra treat!

4. Prerolls

A great stocking stuffer for potheads is one that already comes complete— prerolls!

Prerolls are pre-rolled joints filled with fresh marijuana flowers that are ready to be lit. This is a great stocking stuffer for Christmas day because they won’t have to take time from the holiday to roll a joint. They can quickly light one up and pass it around if they are in a giving mood.

The best part about prerolls is that they come in many strains, which gives you the ability to buy their favorite flavors. You can get prerolls in Sativa, Indica, or even hybrid. When you go to purchase prerolls from the dispensary, pay attention to the THC levels and prices so that you don’t go over budget.

5. Lighter Leash

Do you have a friend that is constantly losing their lighters and pocketing everyone else’s?

If so, a lighter leash is a great gift to throw in their stocking! Lighter leashes can attach to key rings, backpacks, and purses. Most can extend so that you never have to remove them from the holder, which also helps prevent them from losing their latest lighter purchase.

This stocking stuffer comes in handy and it might not be a bad idea to buy multiple! Gifting 2 lighter leashes allow your friend to put one on their key ring and another on a bag.

6. Portable One-Hitter Box

Traveling with a stash can be challenging because you need the weed to be secure and you don’t want to forget anything.

A portable one-hitter storage box makes a great stocking stuffer because it comes with everything someone needs to smoke. The box glides open at the top revealing a storage spot for the one-hitter and ground weed.

All that needs to be done is to dip the one-hitter into the other side to fill the compartment. When they are done smoking, they can simply clear out the pipe with the poker that is inserted at the bottom of the box.

This gift makes smoking on the go easy and convenient. Your friend will appreciate having this gift when they just want a little while out hiking or exploring the town.

The Best Stocking Fillers for Stoners

If you have a special stoner in your life and want to surprise them, one of the best ways is with stocking fillers.

Instead of spending all of your budgets on a bong or other gift, you can get a variety of items that will be useful to your friend. Finding stocking fillers for men can be challenging but if you stick with a theme, there are many options to choose from.

Whether your friend or family member is new to smoking or has been using marijuana for a long time, they will surely appreciate these gifts.

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles about stocking fillers for adults and preparing for the holiday season!

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