Sour Cookies Strain Review


The Sour Cookies strain comes from a long line of highly reputable, recognized, and sought-after cannabis strains, and gauging by our experience with it, genetics don’t lie. 

So it’s fair to say that it’s living up to the family name and following in the family business by getting you as stoned as you possibly can be. 

Sativa/Indica Indoor Yield Outdoor Yield Flowering Period
70%/30% 1-2 OZ/FT ² 15-20 Oz/Plant Flowering time is 9-10 weeks

With a family tree that includes legendary names, such as Durban Poison, Northern Lights, and Chemdawg, to name a few, Sour Cookies strain has a tough act to follow, and it does so spectacularly. 

This sativa dominant hybrid strain tips the scales with a 70% sativa to 30% indica ratio. Conceived by combining the trendy Girl Scout Cookies and Sour Diesel, Sour Cookies strain serves up the best of both worlds. 

It provides a high that energizes if smoked in moderation and a buzz that will completely relax you, mentally and physically, if over-indulged in. 

The average THC content sits at around 15% – 18%; nonetheless, it can be as high as the mid-twenties. That said, it’s easy to enjoy this strain, especially in social circles, but if it’s not respected, it will lay you down.

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Sour Cookies Strain Information

ORIGIN Girl Scout Cookies, Sour Diesel
EFFECTS Euphoric
FRAGRANCE Diesel, Hash, Sweet
FLAVORS Sweet, pine, cheese
ADVERSE REACTIONS Dry-mouth, thirst, and red-eyes
THC CONTENT % 15%-18%
INDICA / SATIVA % 30%/70%
OUTDOOR YIELD 15-20 Oz/Plant

Sour Cookies Strain Effects

The Sour Cookies hybrid strain is a strain that doesn’t hold back; it provides a high from both ends of the stoned spectrum.

Initially, it produces a cerebral head-high that can spur creativity or even heighten interactivity within social situations, making you more talkative and outgoing. 

For this reason, it’s a fan favorite when it comes to hanging out with friends; however, Sour Cookies do walk a fine line of making you outgoing or out-cold. 

Thanks to its indica genes, your euphoric head-high can quickly evolve into a body-stone if not used lightly, and instead of hitting the club with jammin’ beats, you could be hitting the couch and counting sheep. 

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This is why the Sour Cookies strain is highly regarded as a therapeutic cannabis strain since it eases and elates.  

Once people caught on to how effective it was, it soon became a go-to for those looking to ease their stress and anxiety while elevating their mental state and creativity. 

Sour Cookies strain’s effects can sneak up on you. If you don’t want to get wholly bowled over, remain conscious and aware of how much you’re ingesting

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Sour Cookies Strain Fragrance 

Sour Cookies strain has a unique aroma that hints at its sour flavor long before even smoking it. This is not helpful if there’s a nugget in your pocket that you’d like to remain a secret. 

Its pungent fragrance is only amplified by the hash smell that accompanies it, which certainly is nothing to complain about.

Add some earthy smells and hints of diesel fumes to the mix, and you’re sure to have quite an aromatic scent to please and tantalize your senses. 

Sour Cookies Strain Flavors
Sour Cookies Strain Flavors

Sour Cookies Strain Flavors

When it comes to flavor, the name truly does say it all. The Sour Cookies marijuana strain presents a smooth flavor with a distinct nuttiness. 

With hints of sweetness and pine in the background, the sour taste of cheesy diesel takes center stage and makes that strain stand out when it comes to flavor. 

The experience is divine and possibly a little too enticing, especially if you’re attempting to preserve the head-high effect and consume it in moderation.   

Adverse Reactions

There’s a lot to say about the Sour Cookies strain, but there’s not much when it comes to criticism or even adverse effects.

Even if you scour the internet for Sour Cookies strain reviews, you’ll find that there’s not much fault that anyone could pin with this strain. 

Besides the common dry-mouth, thirst, and red-eyes that you’ll often experience with almost any weed, people seem to be in general agreement that this weed strain lives up to its good reputation. 

 Growing Sour Cookies Strain 
Growing Sour Cookies Strain 

Growing Sour Cookies Strain 

The benefits of this strain only keep getting better. If you intend on growing it, you’ll be glad to know that Sour Cookies plants are reasonably resilient. 

They grow quickly indoors and outdoors with minimal attention other than some light pruning. This weed plant produces long and dense forest green nuggets coated in a layer of trichomes and sprinkled with light amber hairs. 

Sour Cookies plants grow to an average height of  60-80 inches with long branches between the nodes. 

Flowering Sour Cookies Strain
Flowering Sour Cookies Strain


Like any other strain, Sour Cookies strain yield will depend on its care and attention, from soil quality to nutrients. For that reason that it’s wise always to use nutrients

It’s also wise to do background research on any strain you intend to grow before planting your seeds. Indoors, it reaches harvest time within 9 – 10 weeks, yielding 1-2 oz/ft². 

If you’re growing outdoors, you can expect to harvest around mid-October with yields around 15 – 20 oz/plant. 

FAQ’s About Sour Cookies Strain

Is the Sour Cookies strain good for arousal?

Sour Cookies strain can be a mood elevator, so it all depends on what mood you’re in. If you’re feeling social and a little outgoing, it’s liable to make you more so, making you more interactive and talkative. So, if you happen to be feeling amorous before you smoke it, it may enhance that and increase your arousal.

Is Sour Cookies good for newbie smokers?

Sour Cookies strain is for everyone, but moderation is key. Just because you can doesn’t always mean you should. If you’re new to smoking cannabis or have a low tolerance for it, Sour Cookies strain is a weed strain that you should approach with consideration and be aware of how much you consume. Its effects tend to creep on you instead of rushing you all at once. So take it slow, cowboy.

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