Sherbacio Strain Review


Based in Northern California, Alien Labs are once again living up to their name and producing outta-this-world cannabis strains, and this time it’s in the form of the legendary Sherbacio strain.

Sativa/Indica Indoor Yield Outdoor Yield Flowering Period
50%/50% 1-2 Oz/Ft² 15 Oz/Plant Flowering time is 51 – 61 days.

Sherbacio has a diverse family tree that includes OG Kush, Pink Panties, and Durban Poison.  

Sherbacio strain
Sherbacio Strain

You already know this strain ain’t playing around with a lineage like this. Sherbacio strain genetics relies heavily on its parent strains, Sunset Sherbet and Gelato 41, making it a perfect 50/50 hybrid of both indica and sativa.  

The Sherbacio Strain has a dynamic terpene profile that adds to its aroma and therapeutic effects.

The strain boasts an impressive THC content to go along with it, making it a fan-favorite for those looking for an all-rounder pot strain that checks all boxes, from flavor to feeling.

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Sherbacio Strain Effects

Many of us have our favorite strains reserved for certain occasions or situations. Maybe you turn to some Green Crack or Purple Haze for social events or pack a bowl of some Jack Herer or Cheese for that morning wake-n-bake

But once in a while, when the busyness of life permits, you just want to put your feet up, relax, unwind, and relish in a strain that helps take the edge off.

Ease into calm while leaving the rest of the day behind you. Well, my friend, the Sherbacio strain is just what you ordered. 

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Sherbacio presents the best of what a 50/50 hybrid can offer. If you’re not already convinced by the aroma that welcomes you as you crack open the jar or by the divine choco-nut smokable flavor, don’t worry.

You will certainly be a believer once you feel its euphoric effects setting it. 

After exhaling, you can almost immediately feel a sense of calm and focus that overwhelms you, welcoming you in with feelings of euphoria and an elevated sense of joy.

Just like the calm of the ocean tide, you’ll slowly be lulled into a state of deep relaxation that flows throughout your body and mind. 

The Sherbacio strain has a wide range of terpenes, including Myrcene which helps induce serenity and self-tranquility and may even end insomnia.

The Sherbacio strain THC levels can range from 21% to 24%, delivering a delicious high, and it can contain up to 0.82% CBD.

Sherbacio Strain Fragrance
Sherbacio Strain Fragrance

Sherbacio Strain Fragrance

The folks over at Alien Labs know how to formulate tasty strains, right down to how it smells.

From the moment you crack open the jar and crumble up a nug, it becomes evident that the Sherbacio strain will be a satisfying smoke.

It carries a magnificent aroma that you would expect from a strain of this quality, considering it has Gelato #41 and Thin Mints in its lineage. 

Overall, it has a sweet and chocolatey fragrance that dominates the initial scent. It then evens out with hints of citrus and earthy undertones, making for an exciting prelude to the flavor that’s soon to follow. 

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Sherbacio Strain Flavor

Thanks to its diverse terpene profile, the Sherbacio strain is renowned for its robust high, and tantalizing flavor. Myrcene lends its sweet and earthy flavor, while the creamy, nutty taste combines with a delightful citrus flavor (thanks 0.2% Limonene content). 

Having such a sweet, dessert-like flavor is another reason why this strain is a treat to have after dinner, before relaxing and unwinding into the evening.

Adverse Reactions

An all too common reaction from many cannabis strains is the insatiable munchies and the return of the red-eye, and Sherbacio Strain is no exception to that. 

And of course, being as potent as it is, any novice users or those with a low tolerance can expect this strain to come on quite strong and may even sedate you to a point where you and the couch are now one…or at least until its effects wear off, so toke in moderation.

Growing Sherbacio Strain
Growing Sherbacio Strain

Growing Sherbacio Strain

Sherbacio strain info on growing is somewhat limited. Perhaps Alien Labs are protective of their processes.

Nonetheless, if you manage to get your hands on some Sherbacio strain seeds and want to grow some of these beauties of your own, it shouldn’t be too hard to do if you have some experience.

If it’s genealogy is anything to go by, you can expect it to grow both indoors and outdoors beautifully.

Ideally, indoors would be the best option as you would have far greater control over environmental factors and conditions such as light cycles, humidity, and temperatures. 

Have you been thinking about new strains to try? We’ve collected our twelve favorite sativa-dominant strains to give you some place to start. Here are some of the best sativa strains for growing and enjoying. 

Sherbacio strain plants are truly pleasing to the eye, with fluffy (yet dense) pine green buds barely peeking through a snow-like coating of heavy THC-rich trichomes and bright orange hairs creeping all over the surface.

Its foliage is dark green with a silvery-purple hue accentuated in the right light, and the plants can grow up to approximately 80inches tall.

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Sherbacio strain flowering times will differ slightly if you’re growing indoors versus outdoors, though not by much, so expect a flowering time of around 51 – 61 days, and prepare for harvest time rolling in at approximately 66 days. Indoor yields typically range from around  1- 2 oz/sq ft, while outdoor yields are around 15 – 20 oz/plant.

FAQ’s About Sherbacio Strain

Is Sherbacio an indica or sativa?

If you have ever asked, “is Sherbacio strain indica or sativa?” then you wouldn’t be the only one. With its effects ranging from an uplifting euphoric high to a calm, sedated state, it’s not surprising that some people may be unsure of where Sherbacio strain lies on the “indica to sativa” scale. Sherbacio Strain is, in fact, a 50/50 hybrid of both indica and sativa.

How hard is it to grow the Sherbacio strain?

The Sherbacio strain isn’t impossible to grow, but it does require some skill, knowledge, and attention. One could rate it as “intermediate” on the growing scale. Although Sherbacio can grow well indoors and outdoors, it tends to supply a far greater quality when grown indoors, as it receives a slightly more refined set-up and attentiveness.

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