Robert Shumake Launches a New Real Estate Fund to Help Cannabis-Related Real Estate Succeed

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Robert Shumake is an international business leader with years of experience and has followed the cannabis movement with fascination. He recently invested in a new real estate initiative in Detroit that he believes could help this industry grow even further.

Why Robert Shumake Started This New Drive

Over the years, Robert Shumake has watched the increasing public acceptance of cannabis with interest. He knew that this industry had a considerable potential to make a difference for the economy if legalized and allowed to thrive. However, Shumake has seen that many districts within states that have legalized cannabis consumption have a reluctance to pursue these possibilities.

Therefore, Robert Shumake launched a real estate initiative to help expand this industry throughout his native Detroit. When Michigan legalized recreational marijuana several years ago, Shumake anticipated that it would take off in Detroit and provide a great range of products. However, limited spread and a low-quality level of products have made this progress slower than he likes.

With his new real estate initiative, Shumake is looking to expand medical cannabis research, provide more balanced education on the subject, improve regulations in stricter communities, provide real estate options for cannabis providers, and much more. He plans to invest in local cannabis companies, such as growers, dispensaries, physician officers, and much more.

On this point, Robert Shumake said that “Cannabis is now a billion-dollar industry across the U.S. and the globe,” emphasizing that Detroit businesses want to get involved in this money. As he sees it, the point of his initiative is to provide affordable real estate because “the area and its surrounding regions are the perfect place for the industry to boom.”

Robert Shumake has big plans for this process, stating that he plans to invest in sustainable cannabis projects that will continually produce high-quality and safe products. The main goal is to expand the medical cannabis industry to make it more profitable and efficient. However, Shumake also believes that these services will help recreational cannabis tourism.

After all, Detroit remains one of the most immediately recognizable and visited cities in the state. Shumake believes that expanding the cannabis presence here will help a city that’s just getting back on its feet reach even better heights. It will be a long-term project, but Shumake is sure that it will succeed with the proper focus, determination, and skill set.

And Robert Shumake also hopes that success in Detroit will inspire other communities to follow this example. For example, Toledo in Ohio may find Detroit’s potentially thriving cannabis scene to be an excellent example to follow. Or places like Grand Rapids in Michigan may also follow suit, boosting up the overall potential success levels of Michigan to make it a better place to live.

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