Best Homegrown Cannabis Tips for Beginners

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For anyone new to growing cannabis, the process may seem overwhelming at first. This is especially true if someone does not have much information available. While this is true, there are several tips that beginners can find below and use to ensure their growing efforts are successful. Keep reading to find out what those tips are.

Avoid Using too Much Light

Many beginners can find the information they need about growing cannabis by looking at i49, but one tip that is worth restating is related to light. When the plants are still in the vegetative state, they should remain in light for 18 to 22 hours each day. The plants will grow a lot in this amount of time.

Once the plants move on to the flowering stage, it may be tempting to do the same thing. When the photo-flowering plants get to the flowering stage, the amount of light they are exposed to should be reduced to just 12 hours.

Despite what many growers believe, growth at this stage occurs when it is dark, not light. If the photo-flowering plants remain in constant light, they will stay in the vegetative stage.

Reduce the Fertilizer

When plants come to the growing stage, reduce the nutrients. This may seem contrary to what people think, but cannabis requires minimal nutrients to keep growing. The key is to provide just enough nutrients to prevent any deficiencies.

If excessive nutrients are given, it can result in “nutrient burn.” This begins at the tips of the leaves and will continue to spread if the issue is not addressed. If nutrient burn occurs, the leaves will not be able to store energy, which will reduce the total yield.

Choosing the Right Growing Medium

The right growing medium is essential. Cannabis plants will perform at the highest levels if they are planted in a material that will not retain excessive moisture after being watered. An example of this would be sandy soil that remains drier. This will offer a much better yield than clay soil that retains more moisture after being watered. Selecting the right medium is going to help increase the yield, too.

Boost Potency with Drought Stress

This is a growing tip that comes straight from the pros. To boost the potency of the plants, drought stress is necessary. Letting the plants and leaves wilt slightly because of insufficient moisture will result in them curling at the ends. This also means they will not be standing straight up. At this point, water the plants just enough to help revive the leaves.

If drought stress is maintained through the flowering stage, the harvest will be much more potent than plants that receive plenty of water. This is because the compounds in the plant, including THC, are more concentrated in the buds that are watered sparingly.

Select the Right Strains

One of the most valuable growing tips is to know that not all cannabis plants are the same. Think carefully about the plant that is wanted before planting anything.

Getting the Best Results

When it comes to growing cannabis, there is no magic formula that will ensure success. While this is true, some tips can help. Be sure to use the information found here to have the best chance of success with the cannabis plants being grown.

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