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Most people shop for cannabis strains based on effects—how a particular strain will make them feel. But what if you can’t or don’t want to go to the store and talk to a budtender about what you want? We know that “indica” and “sativa” don’t really describe how a strain will make you feel, so where to start?

Leafly has a new feature called Virtual Budtender to help you. Virtual Budtender will help you pick the right strain for you, based on how you want to feel anytime of day and for any occasion. You can use Virtual Budtender to find a strain that’s either potent or not that potent, to work on an art project, to go out and be social, or to chill out at home.

It’s easy to use:

  • Go to Virtual Budtender.
  • Answer the brief 5-question survey.
  • Virtual Budtender will give you a recommendation based on your answers and point you to products that you can order online to pick up at a store or have delivered to your door (depending on your state’s laws)

How to use Virtual Budtender

Virtual Budtender will ask you how you want to feel at a particular moment, so there isn’t just one answer per person—some days you’re feeling up, some days you’re feeling down, and Virtual Budtender will give you a different strain for each.

Let’s go through an example.

I’m looking to have a mellow evening chilling out around the house. I might watch a movie, I might listen to some music, but definitely staying in.

Question 1: How high do you want to be?

About 1/4 to the right of “Not at all”

Question 2: Which is more your speed?

All the way left, at “Calming”

Question 3: Effects

Euphoric, happy, relaxed

Then I picked “flower,” put in my zip code, and voilà: Dancehall. And less than 5 miles away, too.

Give it a shot! It’s super easy to use and fun to check out different combination of feelings and effects.

Try Leafly’s Virtual Budtender

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