What is Rosin and How Do You Make It?

how to make rosin


If you have been using cannabis for a while or you are looking for a lifestyle change, then looking at rosin and its uses may be right for you.

Rosin is a cannabis concentrate that can been extracted using a gentle combination of pressure and heat. Many people make their own rosin right at home.

You can produce your own rosin at home with the right equipment, and this is good as it will give you greater control over your use and consumption.

What Exactly is Rosin?

Rosin is a cannabis concentrate that is solvent less, and this is key and definitely something you should take note of. Solvent less, means that it contains no extra additives or chemicals such as butane.

Rosin is extracted directly from cannabis buds using a combination of heat and pressure only. DIY folks often use a simple flat iron but more serious extractors use a dedicated rosin press.

If you have heard of rosin on several occasions but have never really researched it then here is your chance to find out just what it is and how you can use (and incorporate) it into your daily lifestyle.

How Do You Make Rosin?

You can make rosin from the comfort of home using a simple flat iron or special rosin press, and some other utensils and equipment you may already have around the home.

Rosin is made by pressing the cannabis leaf or other product carefully using a hydraulic or manual press. This is accomplished by using parchment paper and placing the buds between it.

Using a press will only take you a few minutes, and it will mean that you can start consumption at a time that is convenient for you.

The general steps to make rosin include:

  1. Gathering the ingredients
  2. Flattening the buds a bit with your hands
  3. Adding the buds to the rosin bag
  4. Adjusting the straightener or press temperature
  5. Placing your flower between parchment paper
  6. Pressing until you hear it sizzle
  7. Checking the oil
  8. Repeating until there is no rosin
  9. Using dabber to collect the rosin
  10. And finally storing the rosin

What Equipment or Machinery is Best Used to Make Rosin?

A press is an essential piece of equipment (or machinery) in rosin production and pressing, and it is a key element.

It is probably one of the most important elements you will purchase on your journey so you should take your time to purchase one that is suitable, and easy to use.

At nectarrosinpress.com you can find high-performing presses (wither hydraulic or manual) that are reasonably priced, and that allows you to get started with production straight away.

If you are not using a press and you are trying to use only what you have (usually a generic flat iron), then you will find that something that should be enjoyable and fun is hard and tedious to carry out.

Investing in the Right Equipment to Make Rosin

This may have been your hobby for a while, or it may be something you are just looking at getting into.

Whichever boat you are sitting in, it is important to always invest in the right equipment. The right equipment is going to make everything easier, and less time-consuming.

When you have an easier method of production to use, you can then focus on enjoying and consuming the end product that little bit more.

Is It Worth Making Your Own Rosin?

You may be wondering if producing and making your own rosin is worthwhile and if it will save you money.

Once you have invested in the initial equipment, and you have got the hang of things, you will find that the production of rosin is much easier and much more enjoyable.

You will also find you have greater control over all elements of the process, and this can leave you feeling good too.

Have you ever made rosin concentrates? If so, please share some of your best tips in the comments below…

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