5 Ways to Exercise Your Legal Rights This Year



Hey, you! Did you know that you have more legal rights than you thought? In fact, there are a myriad of troubling situations that can actually be remedied with a little legal help. Here are some ways you can exercise your legal rights:

1. Get legal help for your immigration status

If you’re an immigrant to the U.S., you know that it’s not an easy achievement and problems can crop up when you least expect it. Other than certain ignorant opinions you have to hear over and over, paperwork and renewing your green card can also be a hassle from time to time. You have a right to make a better life in a new country and there are people who can provide you with assistance.

As you go through the immigration process, it’s important to know and exercise your legal rights. If you’re dealing with any kind of legal situation as you go through the immigration process, consider working with an immigration visa lawyer who knows the law and can help you to stay safe and finish the process.

2. Get legal help at work

Luckily, for you, an employee, there are many laws put in place for your protection. Whether you’re dealing with a discriminatory environment, sexual harassment, racism, or disability issues, you can get legal help to exercise your rights.

Some states have laws that are put in place to prevent abusive or illegal situations from happening. If you’re dealing with anything ranging from salary issues to family-leave problems, don’t hesitate to get legal support. Speak to your job’s HR department, but keep in mind that you may need to hire a personal lawyer if you don’t find the solutions that you need. If you are running your own cannabis company, it’s also important to get a clear view of all the cannabis laws in your state.

3. Get legal support for indecent pictures

Are you in the world of dating? Do you find it difficult to navigate the many issues that accompany the online dating experience? From simply staying safe to dealing with indecent pictures being sent, unfortunately, there can be a lot of problems to deal with.

However, here’s something that you should know: in many states, documenting and distributing explicit content without permission from the other party can be illegal. If you’ve had intimate pictures publicized without your permission, you can exercise your rights to protect yourself.

4. Get a restraining order

Depending on your state and situation, if you’re having a difficult time with an individual who is stalking you or otherwise a threat to your person, you can easily get a restraining order. For example, in Texas, the steps look something like this:

    • Visit your local district office.
    • Fill out the application for a restraining order. Include as much information and evidence as possible about the threat and abuse.
    • The judge will review your case. You may need to provide answers to any questions that they may have.
    • Let them know why you believe you’re in immediate danger.
    • Don’t miss the restraining order court hearing.

As you can see, it’s a process and one that can certainly be stressful. Consider working with a lawyer to help you get through the experience safely and calmly.

5. Evict a tenant

Renting out your property can help bring in some extra income. However, it can also be a nightmare if you’re dealing with an unreliable tenant. Remember to always sign a lease, so if it comes down to it, you can exercise your rights as a landlord, whether this looks like evicting a tenant or easily taking care of problems with lease violations. Keep in mind that screening your potential tenants can help you avoid any legal issues in the first place.

In Conclusion


You may have many more rights that you realize, so if you’re in any kind of situation that doesn’t seem right and you feel like you could get legal help, don’t hesitate to do your research and find out exactly how you can benefit from the help of a lawyer. You deserve to live in peace and to exercise your legal rights.

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