Debunking Common Lawyer Myths



Did you know the legal industry has roots dating back thousands of years?

Many historians agree the first case litigation took place in ancient Rome. Emperor Claudius laid the groundwork for private law practice by granting lawyers the right to charge a fee. Under the Roman Empire, law schools were taught and funded by the emperors, and they specialized in law and rhetoric.

Due to the legal industry being around for years, there have come to be myths surrounding the profession. Most of the time, you hear these myths from jokes that lead to inaccurate information regarding lawyers.

Now when it comes to the cannabis industry, lawyer myths certainly apply. Sadly, this flourishing industry still sits in a “grey” legal area which makes it difficult to navigate without the help of a lawyer. That’s one reason why it’s important to know what a lawyer can and can’t do for you.

To help you find the best lawyer for your case, let’s debunk four common lawyer myths. This way you can seek legal counsel with more confidence. If you’re a cannabis business owner, this is going to be important for you.

1. You Have to Be Rich to Afford the Best Attorney

You don’t need to be rich to hire a good lawyer for the most part. For example, you can receive a free consultation from many car accident lawyers.

Don’t let a lack of funds keep you from contacting an attorney when you have a valid claim. The free consultation┬áon their site┬áwill provide you with a good deal of legal industry knowledge.

2. The Best Lawyer Is Only Successful Due to Their Argumentative Nature

There’s a common rumor that lawyers love to argue, which is one reason they decide to join the profession. But unfortunately, it’s also a myth that the most successful lawyers are the ones who are the most aggressive in their arguments.

Maybe this is true, or maybe not.

Yes, you want your defense lawyer or divorce attorney to be harsh and aggressive. Although sometimes it’s other skills more helpful to lawyers that help them win cases.

Some types of lawyers use their extensive knowledge of the law to pinpoint a loophole to win a client’s case. Others are excellent communicators and can prove your case simply by talking a good game.

3. ItÔÇÖs Hard to Understand the Legal Industry Language

This is somewhat on the true side, but the best lawyer always provides a way for you to understand the law. Your attorney will set aside side time to go other your case with you to discuss the strength of your case.

Also, lawyers don’t like their clients to be confused or lost while fighting a case. It’ll make their jobs ten times harder. The best attorney takes the time to explain the law while respecting your dignity and level.

4. Lawyers Can Win Every Case

It would be great if this were true, especially during a nasty divorce. Unfortunately, most people believe lawyers will take on any case regardless of the evidence.

By listening to what you say about your case, some of the best lawyers can determine the strength of your case. Unless they believe they can help you win, they won’t take your case.

It may not always be the case, and perhaps your case is outside the firm’s practice area or is too small for them. However, lawyers like to manage their brands and reputation when a case lacks viability.

DonÔÇÖt Risk Losing the Best Lawyer by Believing These Myths

An occupation that has been around for centuries is bound to be rife with stories. If you judge an attorney based on these myths, you risk losing the chance to hire the best lawyer for your case.

If you need help navigating the complicated legal landscape of the cannabis industry, don’t hesitate to seek a qualified lawyer while keeping these myths in mind.

What did you think about these common lawyer myths? Let us know in the comments below.

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