Things to Do in Baltimore During the Weekend


The Charm City boasts plenty to do, making it a great vacation spot for families, groups, or solo travelers alike. Weekends are an especially fun time with new things happening and a rotating spectacle of shows. Below are a few things to do the next time you’re in Baltimore for the weekend. And yes, this does include relaxing and unwinding with Mary Jane!

1. Relax and Unwind

Medical marijuana use is legal in Maryland and can be a great way to relax and unwind during your trip. It is easier than ever to obtain a medical marijuana card thanks to online tools, such as MetroXMD, which help you to apply and guide you through the process. Best of all, you won’t need to be a Maryland resident to enjoy the benefits. Any visitor can apply and receive a consultation with the state.

2. Fells Point

Step into the past with a charming trip to Fells Point. Perfect for a mild weathered weekend day, Fells Point offers beautiful, antiqued features, including cobblestones, antique stores, and coffee shops. Plus, there are frequent street fairs, and Fells Point offers the perfect backdrop!

3. Orioles Game

What trip to Baltimore would be complete without stopping by to support the Orioles at a home game! During the season, the team hosts multiple times a week, and you may find that there are a couple of weekend games during your vacation. Make sure to snag tickets early as they can sell out quickly. For the full experience, also be sure to arrive early for the enthusiastic tailgates

4. Inner Harbor

Full of spectacular views of the water and docks, Inner Harbor is built on what was once a hub for industrialism decades ago. Today the harbor hosts local restaurants, stores, and museums, all drawing in visitors every weekend. Plan to explore some of Baltimore’s most famed ships that now function as floating museums. There are also plenty of tours that leave from Inner Harbor, including day cruises and water taxis.

5. National Aquarium

To escape the heat or simply to visit one of Baltimore’s large scale wonders, head to the aquarium. Larger than life and featuring wildlife from around the world, this aquarium is the perfect place to experience sea creatures from far and wide. This spot isn’t only a local attraction but a national one. Be sure to make it one of your go-to places on the next trip to Baltimore!

6. B & O Railroad Museum

Offering another glimpse into the past, the B & O Railroad Museum is the perfect spot to recount the past. In addition to reading about all of the artifacts, you’ll also have the opportunity to hop on a train and take a short ride to help bring the history to life! This provides fun for all ages and can be paired with the Baltimore Streetcar Museum for more railway fun!

7. Fort McHenry

The birthplace of the National Anthem, Fort McHenry, played a key role in the shaping of history. Back during the War of 1812, the fort was what helped defend Baltimore against British conquests. Francis Scott Key would go on to write the National Anthem as a result of this battle. The fort has since gone on to become a National Monument and Historic Shrine, something that history buffs around the country will want to see.

8. Hampden

Hipsters can unite in the neighborhood of Hampden. Whether you’re coming from afar or making a short journey across town, this eclectic neighborhood is ready to welcome you home. Hampden may often be referred to as “The Avenue” because that is where the bulk of things to do sit. From swanky bars to unbelievable restaurants and niche shops, Hampden is the perfect spot to spend a day. There are often events going on during the weekend, such as music or comedy shows, so be sure to check ahead for what’s available during your trip!

9. American Visionary Art Museum

Enthusiastic art fans can find solace in the American Visionary Art Museum, which hosts one-of-a-kind features. Combining education, aesthetics, and intuition, this museum is great for all ages, providing larger-than-life insight into art trends. There are often rotating exhibits that focus on different aspects of the human experience but are generally widely appealing.

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