A Beginner’s Guide To Cannabis Brownies: Edibles 101

cannabis brownies beginner's guide


People are constantly trying to find new and better ways to consume cannabis. Not everyone finds direct consumption or inhalation as their favorite means, which presents a scope to discover a lot of new variations. Thankfully, we already have quite a few popular methods, and one of these is consuming edibles.

Essentially, edibles are tasty treats infused with the concentrate or oil extracted from these herbs. While CBD and THC may work a little differently when ingested in the form of edibles, the only difference is the reaction time. For those who love to go slow, cannabis infused brownies are one of the most decadent ways!

Five Things To Know Before Consuming Cannabis Brownies

Here’s what you need to keep in mind while exploring your journey!

1. They make excellent party treats

Cannabis brownies are perhaps the most preferred party treats for CBD enthusiasts. They tase absolutely delicious and give a wonderfully soothing effect for those looking to wind down instead of turning up. If you or your friends are hosting a party that has a high number of cannabis users, you could bake or order a batch of fresh brownies to get the ball rolling. These are highly popular and safe if you don’t wish to use a bong or vape during social gatherings.

2. Choose a verified recipe

Many people prefer to order their edibles from amazing sites and dispensaries. However, if you have a creative flair and can bake stellar goodies, why not try your hand at baking cannabis brownies? The only thing you will need is a genuine recipe that matches the appropriate proportions. We suggest you to look up experts like buymyweedonline for the best proportioned recipe in order to have the ideal effects. This way, you won’t use too little or too much of the extract, creating perfect brownies.

3. Start small

Whether you’re a first timer or new to edibles, the trick is to always start small. Wondering why? Let us tell you how ingestibles work. While smoking cannabis or vaping it is one of the direct methods, the effects may take over quickly and leave your body in reasonable time. However, with edibles, especially brownies that are mixed with sugar, the cannabinoid gets directly absorbed into the bloodstream. Starting small will ensure you don’t take too much of it.

4. It takes time to kick in

As mentioned above, direct ingestion through edibles disperses the compound in your bloodstream. This may take a while to kick in, say 20 minutes or so. However, it takes just as long to leave your body for the same reasons. So if you’ve eaten a small portion of your brownie and get tempted to eat more since there haven’t been any effects, wait at least 30 minutes.

5. Stay away from chaotic spaces

Cannabinoids are used for several reasons, especially to calm your nervous system. However, noisy and chaotic places can make this counterproductive and give you a headache.

The Bottom Line

While all our advice would help you have a great experience, here’s our final caveat! Keep your pets and kids away from the brownies! Under no circumstance should you let your pet or child get close to these brownies or let them try it. It could be very risky to have them consume it, so keep the dish covered and out of reach of children and pets.

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