8 SEO Tips for Cannabis Businesses

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If you run an e-commerce cannabis business, you already know the high competition in the market. And to stay relevant on there, you must learn the best CBD SEO tips. In any case, you have probably gotten to where you are currently with the help of similar promotions.

This article highlights successful recommendations for building an SEO tactic that will exponentially improve your website’s ranking. These eight tips, if applied correctly, will help you increase the traffic to your brand and get you to the very top position in the SERP.

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Top Eight SEO Tips for Your Cannabis Business

Below are practical cannabis SEO tips for building an SEO strategy that will help you rank at the top:

1. Competitor and Keyword Research are Key

It is good that you are not the only cannabis business online, as it allows you to see what other cannabis business owners are doing to rank high on Google searches. But, of course, you want to check the ones performing well and note your competitors’ tactics to stay on top.

Another great detail you must also check is the keywords they are targeting. Marijuana keyword research is essential to helping CBD businesses rank well. You want to evaluate your competitors’ structure to help you identify its lapses and do it differently to stay at the top.

2. Open an Excellent Site Structure

If you have a cannabis online store, you must create an excellent structure for both people and robots. You must put down all the main sections of your site and visualize the layout. We also recommend that you stick to the golden rule of “one keyword group equaling one landing page.” That is, you shouldn’t create various pages for one keyword group, but each page on the website must answer its group of queries.

3. Carry out Technical SEO for Your Site

You can write unique content and build excellent links. However, if you do not carry out technical SEO, your website will not grow as quickly as you thought it will. Therefore, you must do qualitatively technical search engine optimization and focus on others. You want to always remember that the tactic is the basis for the growth of SEO indicators.

4. Sign up for Google Business

This tip is critical, but many businesses usually skip it. If you have a dispensary, you must create, optimize, and develop your brand profile via local SEO. You want to leave as much information with users so they can reach out to you if the need arises. In addition, this tip is crucial for local dispensary SEO. As people are using Google Maps, they can find your profile at the top of the SERP.

Creating a Google Business Profile isn’t all there is, though; you also want to list the areas in which you operate on your website. Also, make sure you are listed on other local area citations like cannabis directory websites and your local chamber. The local dispensaries’ will help you promote your local CBD dispensaries.

5. Do Not Forget Content Marketing Tactic

Content Marketing is one of the most successful ways to educate your audience and get new visitors to your website. Firstly, because CBD is still a disputable subject, and many people do not know so much about it, they will not purchase marijuana even though it might help them.

Enlightening people makes them become more tolerant of something and helps them learn why they might need your product. Then, with time, you can convert them into customers because you taught them, and they already trust your brand.

6. Creating High-Quality Content is Everything

You want to ensure that the quality of the content on your website is high-quality. The CBD niche belongs to medicine, so the accuracy of the information you post is of utmost importance. You also want to stay current on the CBD niche trends and check your competitors’ activity.

Whenever you discover anything new, you want to create top-notch content about it as a specialized blog. Creating comprehensive articles like in-depth guides and authority posts shows your readers that you are confident and well-grounded about the topic.

7. Update Your Content

Keeping your website up-to-date is an essential ranking factor for search engines. Each time you update the content on your CBD website, Google sees it and ranks you higher. But, of course, doing this also impresses your followers.

However, in doing this, you must collect the correct data and take note of the pages to start with. It would be best if you looked for pages getting high traffic but low conversions, pages getting low traffic but high conversions, and posts that were formerly trendy – pages with plenty of links and shares across social media platforms in the past.

When updating, you must look at keywords and headlines and analyze the search intent. But there is also a need to update the post’s actual content.

When doing so, check the following:

    • Broken links
    • Accurate data
    • Fresh visuals
    • Internal links
    • Spelling, writing, and grammar

8. Monitor Your Performance

An SEO campaign is incomplete without analytics. It is then necessary to analyze the data, get some conclusions, and adjust the tactic. Fortunately, you can monitor your conversions and traffic via Google Analytics.


Creating a CBD website is the first step in solidifying your online presence. Next, you need excellent content marketing and SEO services to grow your CBD business and stay relevant. You can either attain this on your own or hire a CBD marketing agency.

Ranking your CBD website on search engines is possible without a tactician, but it requires plenty of time to achieve the desired results. Thankfully, the CBD SEO tips highlighted in this blog will put you on the right track. We hope that the tips above help you.

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