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With the advent of vaping, technological revolutions have kept on improvising the experience for millennials. Being the best alternative to smoking, vaping has ample health benefits. As technologies in vaping undergo a sea change, enter the world of dry herb portable vaporizers. And here’s your list of top five pocket-sized vaporizers to carry anywhere and everywhere.

1. Davinci IQ2 Vaporizer

If you’re searching for a vaporizer with the herb pod, Davinci IQ2 Vaporizer lives up to your expectations. This fan-favorite pocket device features precision temperature control and can be controlled by your mobile app. In the process of vaping, you’d not worry about plastic or metal melting or contaminating your device.

It delivers a clean inhale and comes with medical-grade materials. As it has a 0.2g herb pod and a 0.5g oven, you don’t need to worry about stocking vape kits with liquid. While almost all remote vaporizers feature temperature settings, this Davinci device offers complete control and precision within one degree.

Add the intriguing airflow features to it, and you get a dense, silky, and smooth inhale. Makers of this vaporizer are dedicated to their fans; thus, they have implemented a small LED display that shows you the fundamentals. Access it to your smartphone and manually set your airflow and temperature without complications.

2. Storz And Bickel Crafty+ Vaporizer

If sophistication describes a vaporizer’s qualities, it has to be the Crafty + vaporizer. Despite retaining its sturdy construction like its predecessor, it has all the qualities to dominate its previous products. Build-wise, it’s standalone. Besides, its convection chamber lines with steel and features hybrid heating technologies.

Under the hood, its powerful 2660mAh battery is capable of running for a longer timeframe. It does not even take more than 1.5 hours to charge fully. The Crafty+ offers three temperature settings (356-410 Fahrenheit, around 90 seconds to get heated up). Stating that it delivers a robust hit is not an exaggeration – kudos to its lightweight (120 g), battery life, chamber capacity (.4 g), and more. Designers have incorporated a realistic design, keeping in mind the sophisticated design intricacies.

3. Pax 3 Vaporizer

Despite featuring elegant design elements, it manages to be discreet. Yes, it’s none other than Pax 3, the device having a short vaping path and a solid vaping unit. Its main point of attraction is the availability of a multitude of color segments.

While bold vaping enthusiasts can opt for the black variant, the rose gold, teal, and silver models are serious highlighters. With just 93 grams of weight, this little device manages to do its job brilliantly. And surprisingly, it just needs your palm to get fitted completely. So, comparing its little size with the customized and intriguing features would be underrating.

It depends on your vaping style and how you want to get the inhales out of the juiced-up battery. All in all, it takes just 1.5 hours to recharge completely, so it’s not that bad. With a funky style, this vaping product has attracted several fans. And today, it stands as one of the premium quality devices that feature a chamber capacity of 0.3g, four temperature settings, conduction heating, etc.

4. DavinciMiqro Vaporizer

Newbies can get more excited at the thought of buying this vaporizer because it’s the most affordable offering on this list. Although it’s less advanced and doesn’t feature too many innovative features, it’s where every beginner should start their vaping journey.

Its primary purpose is to hit the loose leaf herbs. It features an oven pearl, an adjustable hat to maximize the inhale and minimize the herb amount, and a 0.5g oven. Talking about the oven, it has a flexible lid to pack the herbs evenly and hit accordingly.

The airflow system comprises ceramic and zirconium, and it offers a smooth experience. A distinct temperature setting lets you experiment and get a solid feel for the herb. Thirty-nine seconds is the standard time required for it to heal itself. Though its battery is not that sturdy, you don’t have to quit halfway either – it’s swappable.

5. Arizer Argo

Though Arizer Argo Takes 60 seconds to heat thoroughly, its OLED display comes with excellent functionalities and control. For all those who want to choose an extremely lightweight device, it’s a blessing in disguise. This vape may not be available with smartphone and app connectivity. However, its comprehensive onboard OLED display is handy.

After all, it allows you to manage and set the auto shut-off timers as well as notifications. You can receive alerts when the vape clocks the selected temperature setting. In addition to this, adjusting its brightness is also a straightforward process. The rechargeable battery takes time to reach full charge mode.

You get the swappable mode with this device. Despite not offering the cleanest inhale or the best design, Arizer Argo still leaves fans with excitement – thanks to its solid set of features worth an investment. With an OLED display, 97 grams of weight, and a chamber capacity of 15 grams, what else do you want for a smooth vaping experience?

The Footnote

Surveys suggest that around 20% of cancer cases and 30% of cancer deaths result from tobacco consumption. Thus, it’s better to switch over your smoking habit to vaping. And today’s vaping industry looks quite intriguing, with the recent vaping technologies ready to create the smoothest vaping experiences.

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