How Vaping Can Help You Kick Nicotine Use + 5 Brand Recommendations (2023)



Recently, vaping has become a popular alternative to smoking, especially among people who prefer to consume cannabis extracts. Many individuals also choose to vape as they feel it will help them quit using nicotine cigarettes. But is this true? Let us take a further look at this information.

Can Vaping Help Kick Nicotine Use?

Smoking traditional nicotine cigarettes regularly can lead to a variety of health concerns. Those who have no plans to quit smoking face higher risks as they tend to consume higher levels of nicotine compared to people who may smoke occasionally. Vapes or e-cigarettes have become a popular alternative to traditional cigarettes among those looking to lower their nicotine consumption.

Research in December 2021 studied 1600 individuals who were smoking periodically without any plans to quit nicotine use. By giving these individuals e-cigarettes, it was found that about 6% quit using traditional cigarettes, while 4.5% lowered their usage to one cigarette a day.

While this does show positive results, the type of 510 thread battery vapes or e-cigarettes one chooses to use also affects how effectively they will curb nicotine use. Low-quality vapes that people may buy because of their low prices may carry harmful extracts that can increase the risk of health complications. Hence, if people want to use vape, they must be mindful of their devices. Here’s a look at some efficient vapes for users to consider for their requirements.

Five Efficient Vape Brands to Consider in 2023

1. Openvape

The brand focuses on developing portable and quick-use devices for daily use. The variable voltage 510 battery vape pens are one of their best offerings. These simple devices are easy to carry, charge, and use. Consumers can consider the Openvape vape pens for health and recreational requirements.

2. Vuse

The brand offers reusable and disposable vape pens for an efficient vaping experience. Each vape pen is easy to carry and charge and helpful for curbing the use of traditional nicotine cigarettes. The devices are available in multiple flavors, allowing users to choose the one they prefer.

3. Pax Labs

The Era Pro vape from Pax labs is an efficient device with pre-filled extracts. The vape uses oil extracts to produce strong, flavorful fumes for consumption. The vape pod also has an Android support application that consumers can use to manage and control their devices.

4. DaVinci

The brand offers vape devices with dry herb extracts and conduction heating controls. Users can carry this portable vape device easily and use it long-lasting due to its powerful battery life.

5. Puffco

The Puffco vape pen is one of the best devices for travel use due to its minimal appearance. It is a minimal vape pen that carries a coil-free heating chamber and works on conduction heating. The device is easy to carry and charge and has a unique mouthpiece that is a loading tool for all the extracts.

What Should You Know Before Buying a Vape?

One of the fundamental requirements that everyone should know when buying a vape device is its reliability. Will it give you the desired effects, and will it work for a decent amount of time? These are details you must be aware of when purchasing a vape device.

Users must also be aware of brands and any harmful elements in their vape devices. Hence, it is sometimes necessary to overlook price and choose devices that are known to be trustworthy and reputable.

The Bottom Line

Vapes can be an alternative for those looking to kick their nicotine use. However, it is also necessary for users to be mindful of their vape devices and their components.

If you’re looking to lower nicotine consumption and eventually quit it, you will need a device that doesn’t produce any side effects that may arise from nicotine withdrawals.

Hence, always pay attention to the device you choose to use. While it may be an efficient alternative, users must always use vapes responsibly.

All in all, choosing the right vape and using it responsibility will help you achieve the desired effects and have an efficient experience vaping.

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