How to Vape Like a Professional

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Remember Hollywood movies where teens or main leads glorify smoking with impressive smoke rings and other tricks? Were you impressed? You might have probably seen a smoke trick or two as they have been around for a long, long time.

Vaping, on the other hand, is a little different than that. It is thicker and has a fuller substance to work with. Vaping is a highly defined habit and more complete than smoking. In this article, learn how to vape like a professional so you can master the art of vaping!

Types of Inhaling With a Vape

Incorrect vaping could lead to excessive coughing or a bad throat, and this is why it is essential to understand the types of inhaling with a vape:

1. Mouth to Lung

This technique is suitable if you have high nicotine and high resistance coil vapes. Once you suck in for a drag, the sensation is similar to sucking the air through a coffee straw. Although you get low vapors, you get the feeling of tight drag that many people crave for:

The technique to use this type of inhaling is:

    • Draw in the vapor slowly for a few seconds
    • Close your mouth and hold the vapor for 2 seconds
    • Open and breathe the vapor right into your lungs
    • Once it reaches the lungs, exhale the vapor

2. Direct Lung Inhaling

That is a bit tricky, but you are sure to master it with a few practices. This technique is possible with a more effective vape that comes with a low resistance coil. When you inhale the vape juice from this technique, it feels like sucking air through a milkshake straw. That creates many vapors, which give a smooth hit with little nicotine or CBD.

    • Slowly draw the vapor directly into your lungs
    • Exhale the vapor immediately

Keep in mind that you can adjust the draw of each vape by adjusting the nicotine or CBD intake level.

3. Cigar Puff

Cigar puff is a technique that does not involve inhaling. However, you can use this method for your vaping devices.

Easy Vaping Tips and Tricks to Become a Pro

The best way to practice all the hits through vaping is in a room that does not have many airflows. Make sure to the windows or turn off the fans, if possible, for the best results:

1. Ghost Hit

This trick is exhaling a layer of vapor, then inhaling it back in. Firstly, take a long puff and keep it in your mouth for a while without inhaling. Then, after a few seconds, slowly exhale the vapor out. As soon as the vapor leaves your mouth, suck it back again. It is a great skill to learn when you are actually at the beginner stage of vaping.

2. French Inhale

That is an easy little trick which is also known as Irish Waterfall. Unlike the ghost hit where the exhaled vapor is rapidly inhaled, the vapor released from the mouth is inhaled again through the nostrils.

While doing so, it looks similar to an upside-down waterfall, hence the Irish name waterfall. You need to suck in the vapor slowly without inhaling. Keep your mouth shut and slowly open your mouth to release the vapor. Inhale the released vapor through your nostrils, and viola, you have completed the trick.

3. The Dragon

The Dragon is another one of the vape tricks that is relatively easier. Despite people thinking it is not very easy, it is not. To perform this trick like a professional, you need to blow the vapor from four areas: Your nostrils and both corners of your mouth. Within a few practice rounds, you will become a pro at doing the Dragon.

The trick to get the vapor to come out of the sides of your mouth is to keep your lips closed in the center while exhaling from the two sides. When it comes to exhaling from the nostrils, you need to take long drags, all the while not inhaling. Once the vapor is inside your mouth, push it through the corner of your mouth at the exact time with the nostrils.

4. The Tornado

That is another trick to show your mastery over vaping to your friends. Unlike the other three tricks, this one requires you to use your hands because it will help you manipulate a large vapor cloud into a tornado.

Locate a flat surface and sit in front of the table. Take a substantial drag and bend over. Put your mouth as close to the table as possible because it helps you create a vapor cloud that is quite dense and restricted to one space.

Once you release all the vapor, bring your hand to the center of the vapor. Raise your arm upwards in a quick second as if you are chopping the vapor but in reverse. Viola, your vaping tornado is ready. With practice, you might become the next expert in creating a realistic tornado.

5. The Jellyfish

That is one of the favorite vaping techniques used by many pros. When you do it right, it looks as if a jellyfish is swimming underwater.

Firstly, blow a large ‘O’ and push it with your hand. Take another drag and exhale into the centre of the ‘O’ you first created. Now stand back and see your exhale that squirms away like a jellyfish.


If you are switching to vaping after smoking, it is ultimately your choice. These vaping tricks can surely make your day better where the primary ingredient can either be a cannabis flower, cannabis concentrate, or plain old nicotine.

Overall, the world of vaping is broad and can be intimidating for newbies. However, it all depends on whether you buy a suitable device for vaping to get the best adjustable drag for proper exhales.

Buy yourself premium e-juices after researching the product. Confirm whether the ingredients stay true according to the specification and check reliable sources to see what people are talking about the product. It is also notable to understand your taste before choosing the one that suits your taste buds.

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