How To Give Your Dog CBD Oil

cbd for dogs: how to give it

Our dogs experience many of the same ailments as we humans do, and it makes total sense because, like us, dogs are complex creatures with many of the same bodily systems and functions we have.

Thus, it stands to reason that similar therapies used to relieve health concerns like stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, depressed mood, and pain can also be used to help our furry friends.

One natural medicine, in particular, is increasingly recommended by veterinarians and pet therapists. Clinical studies have shown CBD oil to help reduce inflammation and pain, relieve stress, improve sleep, and lower aggression.

But before you give your dog CBD oil, it is essential to understand how it works and how much CBD oil to give your canine. Giving your dog too little will fail to provide the health benefits you desire, but giving them too much may lead to unwanted side effects.

So how much CBD oil should you give your dog?

To find the answer to this important question, we turn to clinical research, much of which has been organized into a Usage Guide and a convenient calculator by According to the guide, the right amount of CBD is dependent on your dog’s therapeutic need and body weight:

Starter Dose

0.25 mg of CBD per lb

Average Dose

0.5 mg of CBD  per lb

Maximum Dose

1.5 mg of CBD per lb

Generally speaking, 0.25 mg per pound (lb) of body weight is the ideal starting CBD dose for dogs of any size.

Most dogs take 0.5 mg CBD per pound of body weight on average.

The maximum strength CBD dose for a dog is 1.5 mg per pound, reserved for dogs with unique therapeutic needs.

Source CBD Oil For Dogs Dose Calculator:

As with any medicine, you’ll want to start with a low starter dose of CBD oil. Use the dog dose calculator to determine the best dose for your animal based on its body weight. Its results will suggest the amount of daily cannabidiol recommended for your dog, offer a specific CBD oil product concentration based on your dog’s unique needs, and directions on how often to give it to your dog.

The general rule of thumb is to start with about 0.25 milligrams of cannabidiol per pound of body weight. You can multiply 0.25 by your dog’s current weight to quickly make this calculation.

For example, if your dog weighs 50 pounds, you’ll multiply 0.25 x 50, giving you a recommended starting dose of 12.5 milligrams of cannabidiol daily.

CBD Oil comes in many different concentrations, so you’ll want to check the label on your bottle to learn precisely how much cannabidiol is in a dropperful of oil.

Use the CBD oil dropper to put the oil right into your dog’s mouth, drizzle it over their favorite snack, or add it directly to their water.

CBD is non-toxic for dogs as long as you do not exceed the maximum recommended dose, but keep an eye out for unusual behaviors. A very small percentage of dogs may experience sleepiness or appetite changes. If you see any concerning behaviors, discontinue use and call your vet.

If your dog responds well to the starter dose for a few days, you can increase how much you give using the Organica Naturals dog CBD calculator at the link above.

What can you expect after your dog takes CBD oil?

Like humans, every dog is different and will respond differently to CBD oil, CBD dog treats, or other CBD options. Some dogs may show positive benefits in a matter of days, but the most effective results with CBD are seen over a period of several weeks.

CBD works by interacting with your dog’s endocannabinoid system, or ECS.

The ECS is responsible for various bodily functions such as stress response, pain management, sleep cycles, and appetite.

The fantastic thing about CBD that has been demonstrated in clinical studies is that dogs experience a positive response when their health concerns are related to these systems.

That means less stress, anxiety, and aggressive behavior. This often leads to improved sleep.

Moreover, aging canines may experience anti-inflammatory effects, which can lead to relief from aches and pains.

What should you do now?

Now that you know how CBD can help your pet and understand the basics of giving them a safe CBD dose, you’ll want to find a quality CBD product.

Look for organic blends like vet-quality pet CBD oil from Organica Naturals.

Organic certified blends follow strict regulatory and manufacturing guidelines set forth by the National Organic Program, so whatever is displayed on their labels is what’s actually in the bottle.

You’ll find many different CBD oil potencies – or strengths – available. Low-potency ones are great for small dogs, while high-potency ones are better suited for large ones. Using the dosage calculator above will help you to find the perfect fit for your dog so that they experience optimal benefits when taking CBD.

Once you’ve found the right CBD oil for your dog, administer it consistently. Like any natural medicine, the best results come from regular daily use.

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