Using a Hash Grinder vs Crumbling With Your Hands: Which is Best For You?

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When it comes to marijuana or selection of cannabis products in general, a lot of it comes down to personal preference — and the same can be said for preparation. As such, the debate over which preparation method is best will likely continue for a long time. This is especially true for newer forms of cannabis, such as hash. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the pros and cons of the two most common hash prep methods so you can decide for yourself.

Clarifying Common Misconceptions About Hash

Though many use marijuana, ganja and hashish (hash) interchangeably, these terms refer to different forms of the same plant – Cannabis Sativa L. Marijuana usually refers to dried leaves and flowers. Ganja usually refers to a crude form made by drying out marijuana leaves and buds over a fire. Hashish, sometimes spelled “hasheesh”, is a solid resin extracted from the flower tops of the female cannabis plant.

Hash is often regarded as a potent concentrate with a unique flavor high in psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), however companies like also have cannabidiol (CBD) dominant variations available for those who’d prefer to avoid experiencing a so-called “high”. Hash typically varies in color (commonly red, black, brown, or green) and is mostly compressed to form balls or blocks.

What is a Hash Grinder?

Hash grinders are tools that simplify the process of breaking up compressed hash. These tools come in various forms ranging from the novel — like mini graters — to more practical self-contained graters. Some companies even offer innovative, discreet options like the ZenPen hash grinder, which makes it so users don’t ever have to make direct contact with the hash to process it and have it pipe-ready.

How to Use A Hash Grinder: Pros & Cons

All hash grinders, regardless of the style, are relatively intuitive in design. The basic idea is that you insert the amount of hash you plan to use before processing it using your grinder of choice; this can involve a couple of twists, grating, etc.

Hash grinders make it easier to uniformly break, grind up, or prep hash blocks, and are usually very easy to stow away neatly. They give users more control over the grind, which some believe can affect potency. Using hash grinders equals less debris on surfaces, fingers, and under nails. It also means no more lumpy hash joints.

Unfortunately, using a hash grinder means carrying around more paraphernalia. Some grinders are more conspicuous than others, which could be enough to draw attention from passersby. Using grinders can also be a slightly more time consuming and exacting process, depending on the type in use.

How to Crumble Hash Using Your Fingers: Pros & Cons

Ask any cannabis connoisseur, and they’ll tell you finger or hand-crumbling used to be the standard for hash prep. Crumbling hash required users to first briefly expose the section of hash they wanted to use to open flame in order to warm it up; heating the hash slightly makes it crumble much more easily.

Since the process is so straightforward, hand-crumbling doesn’t require any kind of tabletop or surface — you don’t even need a lap. It’s also an incredibly quick way to prep hash for use in pipes or rolling, so it’s easy not to draw too much attention.

Though this method doesn’t require any extra purchases or components, and is relatively easy to do (in fact crumbling hash is practically fool-proof), it does have its downsides. Crumbling warmed hash has a tendency to cause staining over time, many people end up with the telltale hash-stained fingertips which makes some folks self-conscious about their hands. It’s also not the cleanest process, which can lead to some product wastage, and it’s not uncommon for bits of hash to end up under fingernails and difficult to remove even after a proper session of handwashing.


Whether you’re a newer cannabis consumer or a hash veteran in your own right, it’s safe to say a good rule of thumb is that your schedule for the day, the amount of free time you have and your personal budget are likely to influence the best hash preparation method for your own use case.

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