Flum Float Vapes Review

flum float vapes review


Flum Float vapes are disposable vape pens that provide a straightforward and private vaping method. They come with a 370 mAh battery and 1 mL of nicotine salt e-liquid filled in. The smooth and lightweight plan makes them very compact and simple to utilize.

Fruity flavors like Strawberry Watermelon, Blueberry Raspberry, and Peach are available in Flum Float vapes. The best flum flavors are authentic and taste very much like the fruits.

The nicotine strength ranges from 20 to 50 mg/mL for both light and heavy vapers. The high concentration of nicotine results in a satisfying and smooth throat hit that resembles traditional smoking.

To get everything rolling, you must breathe in on the mouthpiece. The programmed draw instrument enacts the battery to warm up the curl and produce fume. The inhale-activated design makes vaping very natural and prevents accidental firing.

The vapor production is moderate but dense, and each puff provides a satisfying throat hit and flavor. The relatively high nicotine level can make you feel a little lightheaded when you vape aggressively.

Flum Float vapes require no topping off or re-energizing, so you can get one and begin vaping immediately. They are an optimal choice for vaping in a hurry when comfort and transportability are needed.

However, due to their disposable nature, they are not the most cost-effective option for long-term use and end up in landfills after use. They may feel like you’re wasting something if they don’t use the entire device.

Packaging Contents

As an all-in-one gadget, the Float has all its components in a single, self-contained unit. It is unnecessary to replenish or charge the gadget because it is disposable. When the battery or pod runs empty, users can discard the gadget.

Look & Feel

The structure and style of the Float disposable vape are distinctive. Its appearance is clumsy, with a narrow top mouthpiece and a rounded bottom.

The entire gadget has a plastic shell, but depending on the flavor of the vape, it comes in different colors. There is a wide range of color combinations available to suit any preference.

The battery only activates when users inhale via the mouthpiece since the disposable vape is draw-activated. The gadget has no buttons or charging ports, and it is not intended to be refilled or recharged.

Disposable vapes may not always last as long as intended, even if the battery is designed to last for close to 3000 puffs.

Design and Build Quality

Flum Float vapes have a minimalistic design with a sleek and slim profile, making them very easy to carry around. They have a soft-touch finish that provides a good grip and prevents accidental slipping while vaping.

The charging port is hidden at the bottom of the device, adding to the clean and sleek look. The device’s build quality is decent and solid in hand, but some users have reported minor leakage issues from the mouthpiece or the bottom.

The disposable nature may also contribute to occasional manufacturing defects that cause performance issues. The 370 mAh battery can last up to 500 puffs, but its life may vary depending on the frequency of use and vaping style. The lack of replaceable pods or cartridges means users cannot switch flavors or liquids once they finish the pre-filled pod.

However, the simplicity of the disposable design can appeal to users who do not want to fuss with refilling or changing coils. The ease of use and convenience factor is one of the biggest advantages of this device.

Overall, Flum Float vapes’ design and build quality are minimalistic, lightweight, and easy to use. They feel good in the hand and offer a good vaping experience, although leakage and other minor issues can arise occasionally.

The disposable nature of Flum Float vapes can also lead to waste, but they provide a good option for portable and hassle-free vaping on the go.

Nicotine and Flavorings

Flum Float vapes are available in well-known fruit flavors that taste fresh and natural. For mild and strong vapers, the nicotine level varies from 20 to 50 milligrammes per milliliter.

These disposable vapes’ high nicotine content results in a pleasant throat hit that satisfies cravings. For nicotine salt vapes, the flavor and nicotine sensation are fairly pleasant. However, particularly when vaping vigorously, the relatively high nicotine content might cause you to feel lightheaded or suffer a headrush.

The lower nicotine alternatives can be better for you if your tolerance to nicotine is poor. There are currently just a few flavor options available, so having more diversity in the future would be nice. Additional sophisticated bread and dessert flavors are also encouraged.

Efficiency and Application

With pre-filled pods that are simple to insert and create vapor clouds, Flum Float vapes are intended to be easy to use and handy.

A delightful vaping experience with a good throat hit, and the lingering flavor is offered by the nicotine salt e-liquid. It is identical to a conventional cigarette since the pull is automated and button-free.

Because these vapes are disposable, consumers might not have a consistent vaping experience throughout the whole pod. The pod’s flavor and vapor production may become weaker or erratic as it nears the end of its useful life. Users cannot change the draw to suit their tastes without airflow control.

The Flum Float vape can last several days for mild or infrequent users but only one or two days for heavy users. The battery life is respectable, although some customers have complained that the battery dies too soon or doesn’t charge correctly.

Despite the small drawbacks, the Flum Float vapes function well overall and are a wonderful alternative for individuals looking for a convenient and low-maintenance vaping solution. The automated pull and high nicotine content are ideal for anyone seeking to stop smoking, whether they are current smokers or newcomers.

These vapes are especially well suited for traveling or busy lifestyles because of their mobility and simplicity of use. The Flum Float vapes provide an enjoyable and simple experience with good flavor and nicotine intensity.

This disposable vape is a fantastic alternative for customers who appreciate simplicity and portability despite the sporadic concerns with battery life and pod performance towards the end of its life.


Flum Float vapes provide a simple vaping experience with pre-filled pods, a buttonless design, and energizing flavors.

Although they are quite practical for usage on the go, they might not be the most cost-effective or environmentally responsible choice for long-term vaping. The disposable nature may feel wasteful if you don’t use the entire gadget.

For nicotine salt vapes, the flavor and throat impact is extremely enjoyable. Flum Float vapes can be a suitable option if you’re searching for a straightforward, covert, and portable vaping solution.

The performance and quality are acceptable for the cost. They are perfect for vaping nicotine salt e-liquids or as a backup device.

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