Adrian Zelski Reflects On 2020’s Virtual Global Hemp Day

hemp day

Global Hemp Day brought together world class hemp business leaders like Adrian Zelski. The Global Hemp Day virtual conference was held via an interactive virtual platform on September 15th and September 16th.

This multi-day event featured panels, presentations, keynote speeches, and virtual tours by international leaders driving the world-wide hemp revolution. Adrian Zelski reflected on the importance of this event for the global hemp community and the resources shared during the conference.

Adrian Zelski listened intently to the keynote speakers, Bruce Linton and Steve DeAngelo, as they addressed 500+ international conference attendees. Bruce Linton shared a presentation entitled, “My Plan To Deploy $150M Into Hemp.” Steve DeAngelo gave the opening speech and shared his “Hemp Vision.”

The world of hemp is changing rapidly as more governments are legalizing medicinal and recreational use of hemp products. Adrian Zelski is well versed in the young and highly regulated industry. As the principal owner and Chief Business Development Officer of High Grade Hemp Seed, he ensures production of high quality and consistent hemp cultivars. Adrian Zelski is also Founder and President of Center Pivot Group, an agri-business that focuses on logistics, production, marketing, and distribution of industrial hemp products worldwide.

The Global Hemp Day conference also focused on the global reach of the hemp industry. Adrian Zelski was among his fellow hemp business leaders from the United States, Asia, Europe, Canada, Zimbabwe, and India. There were also a broad range of topics for both the business side of the hemp industry and for the health and wellness side of the hemp industry.

Some of the highlights Adrian Zelski shared were the panel discussions during the event. A few of the titles of the well-attended presentations were, “In The Weeds – Cultivation Experiences From The Fields” and “Hemp Genetics: Stabilization and Innovation At The Base Of The Supply Chain.”

What is the future for the global hemp industry? Adrian Zelski is confident that there is a bright and profitable future for the hemp industry. He absorbed valuable information presented during Global Hemp Day alongside his fellow hemp business leaders.

Adrian Zelski is a business leader in the rapidly growing international hemp industry. He has over five years experience in this very young industry and works on many levels for production and supply management. He is the Chief Business Development Officer and principal owner of High Grade Hemp Seed and President and Founder of Center Pivot Group. Adrian Zelski also played a critical role in investments, strategy, and innovation for the International Hemp Exchange through his founding member activities of iHempX.

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