Why You Need to Use Feminized Seeds When Growing Cannabis

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Cannabis growers have highly increased. Some are even home growers and still producing high-quality seeds. However, when growing marijuana, one must know the kind of cannabis they should grow to ensure they get high-quality yield and value.

For marijuana, only the female plants have consumable plants. Therefore, if you grow male plants, you will likely not get a harvest at all. This is because male plants produce pollen sacs. The danger of having a male plant on your plantation is that it will ruin your entire farm. This is because the male bud pollinates the buds of the young female plants.

Consequently, the flowers will then have lots of seeds in them. This will lower the quality of the cannabis and also its value. Therefore, when growing cannabis, it is essential to get seeds from seed banks, for instance, fem seeds by ILGM, since they are already feminized. That is, all the male plants and seeds have already been eliminated.

Here are some of the advantages of using feminized seeds…

Feminized Seeds Provide a Guarantee

The use of only feminized seeds will give you a guarantee of harvest. Compared to growing plants that are not feminized, there’s always a possibility of getting male plants, reducing crop. This happens due to the pollination of young seeds, making them full of seeds. This will lead to poor yield and low-quality harvest. Using feminized seeds guarantees you a pure harvest. Despite the other stress factors that may affect an outcome and lead to low output, Also, it reduces the risks of loss of seeds, leading to waste.

Additionally, it ensures you get a higher value for your seeds. Therefore, it is essential to use feminized seeds to avoid incurring losses during harvest. It also saves you the work of eliminating.

Feminized Seeds Provide a Large Amount of Budding

There’s a guarantee to get many buds from one plant, Using feminized seeds. This guarantees a massive harvest of quality seeds. However, some experts and researchers suggest that one can select the best plants by using non-feminized seeds. However, this method causes stunted growth in plants. Moreover, it leads to the production of fewer buds hence reducing the harvest and also lowering quality.

Feminized Seeds Reduce the Risk of Plants Turning Male

When there are male plants in a plantation, they pollinate younger buds, filling them with seeds. Moreover, during pruning, there’s a possibility of female plants turning into a male. Therefore, using the feminized seeds method will help you reduce the risk of getting male plants.

Feminized Seeds Allow Easy Control of Breeding

When you have one type of plant on the farm, then it is easier to control the breeding than when you have both the male and female plant on the farm

Feminized Seeds Guarantee Quality

The use of feminized crops will guarantee you get the defining characteristic of each strain. Therefore it allows various options for smokers the aroma, flavor, and cannabinoids. This helps increase the plant’s genetic diversity. Therefore, get more attractive, aromatic, and productive with better genetics.

In Conclusion

Feminized seeds will help you get through the challenge of having a male plant on your plantation. Thus it is crucial to use feminized seeds when cultivating cannabis.

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