Jacob Glick Finds Value in New Pups and Preroll Promotions

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Jacob Glick is a prominent businessman in the Phoenix, AZ area who has continued to have a lot of success in a variety of different industries. Today, he continues to see the value in the future of the legalized marijuana industry. He recently gave insight into the value of a new promotion in the Phoenix area that helps to promote a local dispensary while also doing good for the community.

Overview of the Program

The program, which was first introduced about three years ago, is known as Pups and Prerolls. This program is run by Territory Dispensary, which operates a local dispensary in the Mesa area. While Jacob Glick and others continue to support this business, they are also looking for ways to give back. For the past few years, the company has had a promotion in which they will give up to five pre-rolled joints to someone that adopts a dog from a local charity. This can be a great incentive to anyone that is looking to bring a pet home.

Jacob Glick Continues to See Success in Program

There continues to be a need for people to bring pets home from local animal hospitals and shelters. The program that is run by Territory Dispensary has shown that it is able to do just that. This is the third year in which the dispensary has run this program. In the prior two years, they have helped to find new homes for more than two dozen adopted pets. This has made it a successful campaign and shown to be a great way to bring awareness to those that are in the Phoenix area.

Fun Event to Attend

Even if you are not looking to adopt a pet or want to purchase marijuana, the Pups and Prerolls event can still be a fun event to visit. During this event, there will be a range of different raffles, food trucks, games, and other forms of entertainment that will be fun for anyone to take advantage of. Jacob Glick and others in the area that go to the event will continue to help support local animal shelters due to the additional funds that are raised during the event.

The Takeaway

The Pups and Prerolls campaign has continued to be a successful promotion and way to bring awareness to challenges that animal shelters are having finding homes for their pets. Jacob Glick and others continue to see more ways that dispensaries and other companies in the marijuana industry can help their community. Beyond providing direct tax revenue, their promotions and other programs are showing that they can help and improve the community in several ways.

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