Nectar Collectors: What You Need To Know

nectar collectors

If you’re looking for the best portable pot masterpiece to use for dabbing your cannabis concentrate, the nectar collector is the next big thing you need to own. It’s the best solution for you if you are not too keen on passing a massive rig and all the accompanying gears that come with it.

What is A Nectar Collector?

A Nectar Collector is a version of a portable dab rig that is built with a straw mouthpiece and a quartz or titanium tip that is heated up to vaporize wax or cannabis concentrate.

This device is simple to use- All you need to do is to first heat up the tip with a torch, and then make contact with a concentrate to produce vapor.

Many cannabis enthusiasts do not see the multiple designs of oil and wax pens as a complete replacement for a dab rig. But the nectar collectors have been a better alternative, giving the ability to take hits that are quite similar to a dab rig but with simplicity and portability.

What’s Included In Nectar Collector?

nectar collector for dabbing

A nectar collector has four major parts, including:

    • Glass or silicone straw: acts as a mouthpiece for inhalation of vapor
    • Quartz or titanium tip: works like a dab nail- it is heated and used to vaporize concentrates or wax
    • Glass or silicone dish: It acts as a surface to hold concentrates or wax
    • Water chamber: It acts like a bong, allowing water percolation for a smoother dab.

Silicone Nectar Collectors VS Glass Ones (price, taste)

Silicone Nectar Collectors VS Glass Ones

Nectar collectors are made from two main materials- glass and silicon and they both have an effect on your smoking experience. However, they both work with the same principle of tip, dip, and sip. But they have their individual pros and cons.

Glass Nectar Collectors

These types are the most popular in the market today because they are aesthetically pleasing, have different designs, and taste better. Pipes are usually made with glass because smoke doesn’t mix with glass. If you want to know the difference, try an acrylic bong as notice the way your smoke tastes differently.

However, the cons with glass nectar collectors are:

    • It breaks or shatters easily
    • It gets harder to become mobile and portable

Having thicker glass doesn’t keep your nectar collector attractive; it only makes it heavier.

Silicon Nectar collector

glass nectar collector

Silicone is new and quite funky. They are nearly unbreakable and are much simpler to use. So you can have confidence that wherever you go, your silicone nectar collector won’t break.

More so, if you’re not ready to use this nectar collector, you can safely store it the freezer. It will get cold but won’t freeze. And when you’re ready to use it, the caold parts cool the smoke down, giving a cool hit on your throat.

However, the drawback of the silicone nectar collector is that it causes a change in flavor. The vapor tends to have a “plasticky” taste that gives an overall terrible dabbing experience.

Talking about price, the silicone nectar collectors are much cheaper than the glass nectar collector. You can get a starter silicone nectar collector for less than $30, and it won’t go higher than $50.

Benefits of a Nectar Collector

Nectar collector has many benefits over regular dab rigs, including:

  • They are portable and easy to use, which makes them gain traction in the dabbing community.
  • They have a one-handed operation; you can fit them into any purse or backpack; they are easy to travel with compared to traditional dab rigs
  • You can place the tip of your straw to make direct contact with your concentrate, making it easier to dab straight out of your container
  • They do not waste any wax
  • You can easily monitor how much concentrate you’re smoking

Final Remarks

Nectar Collectors are the best alternative for dabbing. You can easily move around with these devices and enjoy every hit. You can get one for yourself today to smoke your waxes and oils more efficiently.

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