What Are Concentrates?

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Most smokers are familiar with bud, but in today’s world, there are so many other cannabis-based substances that you can use to get a truly stellar experience. For example, if you feel like your bud isn’t doing enough and you don’t want to have to reach for something like a gravity bong, you can switch things up by going over to concentrate. But what are concentrates, and are they right for you? Let’s take a closer look at concentrates to understand what they are and how you can enjoy them!

What Are Cannabis Concentrates?

Aptly named, cannabis concentrates are cannabis extracts that offer a greater concentration of THC. This means that when you decide to use concentrates, you’re going to experience much stronger psychoactive effects than you would if you were smoking bud. For some, this is the overall goal. But if you want to enjoy concentrates, can you use the same tools that you would use for your weed?

How to Consume Concentrates

Most concentrates require special tools to absorb them. Some of the tools that you’ll need include:

Nectar Collector

A nectar collector is essentially a compact dab rig that simplifies the vaping process. Whether you decide to purchase an electric version or a glass model, all you have to do is heat the tip, grab a concentrate dish with your concentrates inside, and dip the tip into the concentrates. Inhale through the straw as the vapors rise into the body of your device. If you’re someone who likes to take a hit on the go, the Lookah Seahorse Pro is the best option for you.

Dab Rig

Arguably the most important tool in any concentrated user’s collection, the dab rig or e-nail is a large water tool that helps filter your hot vapors through complex percolators and filtration systems. With a dab rig, you heat up the nail, drop your concentrates in, and take a big inhale. Dab rigs are much bulkier, making them better for home use when you’re settling down for a long night or in need of some cannabis.

Top Your Flower

There is one other way you can enjoy your concentrates with your traditional smoking tools, and that’s by placing your concentrates on top of your flower. Whether you prefer smoking from a pipe, a bong, or rolling your bud into papers, sprinkle a bit of your concentrates on top of your bud before you take a hit. Just remember not to add too much or you may end up overdoing it!

Different Types of Concentrates

Are there different types of concentrates? There are! Some of the concentrates you’ll encounter while shopping at dispensaries include:


Wax concentrates are much harder than other concentrates and are traditionally used with dab rigs or dab pens. The biggest problem with wax is that it can be hard to determine how much you’re actually taking when you separate a piece from your wax, which means that it’s easy to drop it into your rig and end up getting way higher than you anticipated. Keep this in mind if you see wax and decide to grab some of your own.


Oil is a more versatile form of concentrate that you may be able to find in edible products and tinctures as well as in vape cartridges and disposable vapes. Oil is great because you have a fluid solution with a predetermined amount of THC contained inside, which means you can measure out exactly how much you’re getting per hit (although you’ll need to leave some room for error as it’s not an exact science). If you’re a fan of convenience and want more bang for your buck, you’ll most likely prefer oil over wax.

The Takeaway

If you’re someone who’s just not into bud as much as you were or want a new experience, concentrate is the way to go. However, for the uninitiated, the world of concentrates is much different than the world of flowers. For those interested in concentrates, use the guide above to learn more about what these concentrates are, what you’ll need to purchase for yourself in order to absorb the THC contained within, and which types may be the best fit for your needs as a cannabis enthusiast.

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