Top 5 Vaping Rules for Beginners

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Vaping Rules Every Beginner Must Follow

Vaping is fast gaining popularity for valid reasons. It serves as a healthier alternative to smoking, so you can switch without thinking twice.

You can even rely on it to deal with smoking addiction. Non-smokers can embrace it to experience warm and flavorful vapor that makes them feel light and happy.

But while everything about vaping sounds so good, you must still follow some rules to do it safely. Beginners need to be extra conscious to get the right start.

Here are the unwritten vaping rules you must follow as you navigate the journey…

Rule #1: Find the right vaping device

This one is a no-brainer because every beginner should make a conscious effort to find the right vaping device. It is tempting to pick an advanced one with multiple features and settings as a newbie. But you will end up with something too complicated to understand and use. The best option is to start with a basic tool with a simple learning curve. Master the skill and move to an advanced device later.

Rule #2: Always keep your device clean

You may have invested in the best device as a beginner, but do not expect it to deliver the best hits unless you keep it clean. A clean device offers healthy and non-toxic vapor that is gentle on your lungs. Not to mention, you love the flavors and hits session after session. Commit to cleaning the residues after completing every session. Also, check it before starting with a new one. You need not do a lot of work as rinsing the tank with warm water and drying it with a piece of cloth is enough for the job.

Rule #3: Experiment with flavors

This rule is more like a favor for beginners as it sets you up for the best experiences. Consider experimenting with flavor options in vape juices as you have an endless array to explore. Fortunately, you can check for a broad range of Nic Salts online in a few clicks. Taking a hit-and-trial approach as a beginner can make your journey exciting. Moreover, it saves you from experiencing a vaper’s tongue due to sticking with a single variant.

Rule #4: Wait between puffs

Chain vaping is the worst mistake you can make as a beginner. Puffing continuously means that your wicks will not get saturated between puffs. It can lead to dry hits that compromise the taste and irritate your throat. As a rule, you must wait for a minute between consecutive hits. You may find it hard as an enthusiastic beginner, but the habit sets you up for excellent results.

Rule #5: Go the extra mile with vape juice storage

Besides cleaning your devices properly, you must go the extra mile with storing your vape juice. It is worth the effort because optimal storage preserves the flavor and integrity of the products. All you need to do is keep them in a cool and dry place to avoid exposure to heat and light. Following best practices enables you to get the best outcomes and save money down the line.

The Bottom Line

Following these simple vaping rules keeps you on the right track as a beginner. You can devise more rules according to your preference and experience as you learn the ropes.

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