Tips for Growing Weed in A Greenhouse

cannabis greenhouse tips


Do you want to start a greenhouse to grow weeds? Learn the fundamentals of a marijuana greenhouse, as well as the benefits and drawbacks for first-time growers.

Starting any garden is a wonderful experience. Planting tiny seeds and waiting for sprouts is similar to counting down the days before Christmas morning as a child. Then, if you manage to do them properly with love and care, you will be rewarded with a bountiful crop.

Whatever you’re growing, we’re here to help with practical advice on what to grow in a greenhouse, how much it costs, and, if you choose cannabis, the finest strains for your cannabis greenhouse.

What is a Greenhouse?

A greenhouse is an outdoor construction built of long-lasting structural material and topped with a clear covering of specialized plastic. A greenhouse is used to cultivate fruits and vegetables, herbs, plants, and, of course, marijuana.

People choose to grow in a greenhouse rather than outdoors because they have more control over the environment. Greenhouse weed grows faster and produces greater results since the plants are protected from the weather, have more carbon dioxide, and maintain normal temperatures.

Greenhouses are manufactured from various materials and are available in various shapes and sizes. You can build a simple hoop house out of PVC pipes and painter’s plastic if you want to grow a little home on a budget. Alternatively, if you have the space and budget, you can build an industrial greenhouse with automatic ventilation and temperature controls, as well as large fan installations.

To fit your growth needs and space availability, the design of your greenhouse can be gothic, A-frame, dome, tunnel, lean-to, gable, flat-arch, or a variety of other forms. Make sure your greenhouse gets at least six hours of sunlight per day, no matter where you put it.

What Can You Grow in a Greenhouse?

A greenhouse is the most versatile technique to cultivate almost any type of plant. You can grow in all sizes of pots, raised beds, hanging planters, and trellises, but you can also grow in the ground. Greenhouses are ideal for seedlings that will eventually grow outdoors during the summer months or permanent homes for plants to complete their life cycle.

Flowers thrive in the heat and humidity of a greenhouse, and even cold-weather crops such as lettuce, broccoli, and peas thrive inside the confines of a non-heated greenhouse. During the peak summer months, keep an eye on your greenhouse tomatoes, squash, and cucumbers to see how quickly they blossom, but be sure to hand pollinate unless you have open-door access for pollinators to come inside.

People are increasingly constructing cannabis greenhouses and generating high-quality crops. Growing cannabis in a greenhouse is the ideal combination of utilizing the sun’s energy as you would in an outdoor environment, yet having the protection and control of an indoor grow.

How Many Cannabis Plants Can You Grow in a Greenhouse?

Each state in the United States has various laws and regulations regarding adult-use and medical marijuana. In Oregon, for example, each household is allowed to grow up to four recreational plants. If you have a medicinal marijuana card, you can grow up to six plants per patient and household. However, these figures—and the ever-increasing requirements—differ by state.

Once you’ve determined how much you can grow, you’ll need enough space to accommodate your growing plants. If you buy marijuana seeds, use high-quality marijuana fertilizer and provide your plants with the optimal soil and sunlight, you can expect some huge cannabis by the time you’re ready to harvest.

In general, it’s ideal to utilize pots within a marijuana greenhouse, so you may move them around if necessary. If you take it this way, allow at least 8*8 feet for each plant once it’s in its final container. Your plants require lots of space for appropriate airflow. It’s also difficult to work in and around overloaded plants.

When selecting the final pot size for mature plants, you may wind up on the lesser end at roughly 65 gallons, but some California and Oregon producers end up harvesting in 100 or 200-gallon pots.

Can You Grow Weed in a Greenhouse All Year?

Growing weed in a greenhouse all year depends on where you live and how your setup is. Well-designed marijuana greenhouses can support life in all climates. Even places with long winters can thrive year-round in a greenhouse equipped with heating devices. In addition to heaters, you’ll probably need supplementary lighting to compensate for the shorter days. Although these lights do not give enough heat to keep frost from hurting your cannabis, they help a little.

However, if you live in an area where there is a lot of snow, the weight of falling snow on top of your greenhouse can cause damage. You can assist prevent this by building in an A-frame or Gothic style.

Things Required to Start a Greenhouse Grow

Besides the obvious necessity for cannabis seeds, which are available from retailers like Zamnesia, the following components are recommended for your first greenhouse grow:

  • Greenhouse framing materials
  • Durable covering
  • Fans / ventilation
  • Smart pots or something similar
  • Soil or growing medium of choice
  • High-quality nutrients
  • Water reservoir and access to plenty of fresh water
  • pH meters and adjusters
  • Thermostat
  • Trellis materials

You may want to use a light deprivation system when determining the optimal time to cultivate cannabis. If you plan to plant more than one crop per year, light dep can help you maximize your productivity.

What Does it Cost to Start a Greenhouse?

Pricing a greenhouse is difficult until you know exactly how big it needs to be. A basic DIY greenhouse with aluminum framing and one layer of polyethylene (PE) plastic costs around $15-20 per square foot, not counting lights, heat, or other growth equipment. A custom greenhouse with all the bells and whistles (including an automated light dep system) can set you back about $35-40 per square foot.

If you are handy with tools and want to make the best greenhouse you can on a budget, you can retrofit a 1,000 square foot greenhouse with a light dep system for around $10,000.

After you’ve built your greenhouse, you’ll need to consider the cost of materials for each plant, as well as any lighting and heating equipment. Keep a calculator nearby and do the math before you begin. There are many expenses to consider before beginning your greenhouse grow.

Best Strains for Greenhouse Growing

According to Seed Supreme, Autoflower and feminized strains are ideal for growing in a greenhouse. Autoflowering cannabis automatically transitions from the vegetative to flowering stages, so you don’t have to bother about the light schedule. This means you won’t have to bother about a light deficiency system. Purple Punch, Strawberry Banana, Banana Kush, Wedding Glue, Northern Lights, and White Widow are available strains.

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