How To Use CBD For A Better Night Time Routine

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Your nighttime routine should be something you look forward to—a rewarding ending after an exciting and bustling day. Yet, for some of us, nighttime is a dreadful time where dark thoughts leave us gasping for breath as they overwhelm us with anxiety. Establishing a serene nighttime routine is key to thriving during the day.

Habits such as putting away gadgets at least an hour before bed, eating an early dinner, journaling, and performing a relaxing yoga sequence are all excellent ways of preparing for bed. However, if you hope to take your routine to the next level, consider adding a dash of CBD.

How can CBD help you sleep better?

CBD is a chemical found in Cannabis Sativa plants, but unlike marijuana, which contains a high THC level, CBD contains less than 0.3 percent THC. As a result, this natural compound does not have intoxicating psychoactive effects, so there is no risk of getting high. What’s remarkable about CBD is that it works like an eraser—removing the negative thoughts and emotions that cause stress, anxiety, and depression. Hence, it leaves you with a clearer headspace.

Researchers are building a case in favor of CBD as a potent medical tool that helps people with different health issues. Indeed, through studies conducted to date, researchers have found encouraging data correlating CBD’s benefits to ease seizures, anxiety, depression, PTSD symptoms, infertility, skincare issues, and even insomnia. Although CBD can act as a stimulant during the day, this natural compound works the other way around when taken in high doses. It encourages sleep, making it an optimal natural option if you wish to sleep quickly and wake up without feeling groggy.

How to use CBD for a great nighttime routine

Besides its medical and recreational advantages, what makes CBD great is the range of products available on the market. So whether you prefer ingesting it as a pill, vaping, or eating it thanks to the range of CBD edibles available, you have a list of options to make your life easier. The following are the top ways you can take CBD to make your nighttime routine a serene one.

Take a bath

Bathing is such a simple act that ought to be a part of your day. You may not have time to bathe before work, but you might find some time in the evening before bed. You can light some candles to create an atmosphere and use a CBD-infused bath bomb to make your bathing experience a more relaxing one.

Sip tea

There is a palpable element of peace when you find a quiet corner in your house and sip your tea without feeling rushed. This goes for all tea, whether it’s humble green tea or a cup of CBD-infused tea. Buddhists such as Thich Nach Hahn insist on the importance of focusing on the moment—in this case, having the tea be the center of your focus, regardless of how busy, stressed, or worried you are. In doing so, you can carve out a moment of clarity amid the chaos of your days and give yourself respite right before bed.


Since we’re on the topic of Buddhists, nothing is more sacred for them than the act of meditation. You may not be a pro at being still, but with a drop of CBD oil under your tongue and a comfortable sitting position, you can halt the trail of toxic thoughts going through your mind. This way, you can head to bed feeling more at ease.

Give yourself a massage

There may not always be someone available or willing to give you a massage, but you can always give your sore muscles a rub. CBD oil and CBD-infused balms can provide more respite than regular creams, thanks to CBD’s anti-inflammatory effects.

Add it to your skincare regime

If your nighttime routine revolves around your skin, there’s nothing that needs to change except to invest in a CBD-infused skincare product. CBD serums are highly coveted because of the serum’s deeper penetration into the skin. In addition, CBD is highly beneficial for the skin thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Enjoy a glass of wine

If you prefer to wind down with a glass of red wine, why not bring CBD into the mix? Nano-encapsulation technology has made it possible for manufacturers to seamlessly mix CBD oil with other liquids such as water, beer, and wine. So the next time you are wine shopping, why not try a CBD-infused blend that can only add to the list of benefits found in a glass of red wine.

Have your dessert

Mindlessly bingeing on sugar-loaded snacks is not a healthy way of ending the evening. However, it’s not a sin to enjoy dessert in the evening once in a while. So whether it’s a rich chocolate brownie, a cookie, or a slice of cake, why not add a dash of CBD into the mix for the perfect homemade edible? Ingested with food, CBD takes about an hour or two to work, but its effects are longer lasting.


CBD is not a replacement for what’s missing in your life, but it can help give you a clearer headspace. When you finally experience a moment of respite from the constant trail of thoughts, you can enjoy the present moment, clear the slate and have a good night’s sleep so you can tackle your days with more presence and compassion.

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