How To Consume Moon Rocks like a Pro

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While you may be an expert with cannabis, there will be various elements you might need help understanding.

Imagine you visit a local marijuana shop and see a sign that says moon rocks for sale. You buy it because it looks exciting and smells wholesome and pungent.

The moon rock for sale looks delicious with a green and purple glaze that seems inviting. You buy the product and take it home, thinking this is something you can figure out personally.

But once you get home, you realize you forgot to ask the shop owner for guidelines. Don’t fret because every day brings with it a new experience and chance for growth.

If you are unsure of how to utilize the moon rocks you bought on sale, you’re in the right place. Here’s a look at everything you need to know about moon rocks for sale and consuming them like a pro.

What are Moon Rocks?

Moon rocks are a newer entry into the cannabis market and resemble a mad science experiment in many ways. It makes use of high-quality buds trimmed to perfections infused or dipped in cannabidiol concentrates.

Most such products also contain a generous helping of kief, applied through dusting on top of the concentrated coating. As a result, all moon rocks possess high-quality buds, kief, and concentrates, making them a highly potent triple-threat! When crafted with care, these rocks appear delicious and exciting, making them a product beloved by tourists.

However, they aren’t merely a novelty that requires no forethought because they serve as a highly potent natural remedy. Consumers should take all the precautions necessary before consuming such products to prevent adverse drug reactions and side effects.

How to Consume Moon Rocks Like a Pro?

Consumers should not use a grinder with these products as they do not require refinement through grinding through a machine or between your fingers.

If you do try to break down the mass, you will lose a large amount of concentrate and kief, affecting the product’s overall potency. These particles will stick onto the machine’s teeth or abrasive components or your fingers, leading to a strength or concentration loss.

The best way to partition your moon rock is to cut away small sections using a small scissor, razor, or knife. Doing so will help you retain the overall potency and quality of the product, ensuring you feel the expected impact.

Once you have manageable sections or pieces, you can ready your bong or pipe to consume them. Consumers can then pack the pieces into the bowl or chamber loosely to prevent further powdering. Since these pieces come saturated with high-quality concentrates and kief, there is a chance of your pipe clogging due to the resin. Also, consumers should expect the device to leak more oil once they fire up the pen due to the excess gum within the product.

Consider using bongs and pipes with smaller bowls as these are highly potent and concentrated. Hence, consumers should ensure they experiment with the smallest amount to prevent overdosing. It may be advisable to try out other less powerful products beforehand if you are a complete beginner. These contain high concentrations of tetrahydrocannabinol that possess psychoactive properties. Hence, picking bongs with smaller bowls will help limit your intake and prevent adverse reactions. Additionally, if you feel you’ve had too much and want to stop, smaller bowls avoid excessive carbonization. As a result, consumers will be able to save the moon rocks for later use.

Consumers should use an ice pinch slide to load the product onto the bong to minimize oil loss. However, users should clean and replace the water in the device to enjoy the full taste of the product and prevent contamination. Additionally, since these products can leak excess resin and oil, consumers should avoid using hand-held vaporizers to avert structural damage.

Individuals may face challenges lighting the moon rocks as they contain cannabis oil. The best way to overcome this problem is by slicing the product and covering it with ground hemp flowers. Doing so will enhance the overall flavor profile and make it easier for you to enjoy the full impact of the product. Additionally, doing so will also help you save more of the moon rocks, making it a cost-effective solution. Another idea includes creating a landmine of sorts by placing the moon rocks between layers of buds. If you are smoking them through a joint or blunt, pack the product using a base of weed or tobacco to make them easier to light.

Things to Keep in Mind

Don’t assume you can carry on functioning as you would after consuming these products. Unlike cannabidiol, which does not induce any mind-altering or intoxicating effects, moon rocks can produce some fancy trips. Hence, it is advisable to partake in such celebrations after completing all the work you have for the day. The best time to enjoy such products is in the afternoon or late evening when looking for fun ways to rewind and relax. Put on a movie or some old songs, get your friends together, and share a few moon rocks for the ultimate weekend bender.

To prevent adverse reactions and side effects, consumers should ensure they drink plenty of water and have a pantry stocked full of snacks. The high amount of tetrahydrocannabinol in the product leads to most users feeling hungry and thirsty once the moon rock takes effect. It might be a good idea to consume a few glasses of water or fruit juice before you take your first hit to stay hydrated. Keep such fluids near you before starting your session to ensure you have enough liquid to reach out and sip. Doing so will make it easier to prevent various side effects, including the onset of dry mouth.

While the exact potency of such products is challenging to measure, most experts believe they contain roughly 50% THC. Hence, they produce the ultimate high while being economical and cost-effective as they cost similar to a dab. The analgesic properties of tetrahydrocannabinol make these perfect for medical patients looking for intense pain relief. However, consumers should be careful about how they store these products. Consumers should ensure they lock them away in a cool and dry pantry to prevent them from melting.


As you can see, moon rocks can be the cornerstone of your ultimate weekend chilling session. However, consumers should ensure they use the same methods to consume these products to enjoy them fully.

Following the guidelines stated above will help users rewind and relax to their heart’s content using these moon rocks. So the next time you see a sign that says moon rocks for sale, don’t hesitate to experiment. Grab some water, scissors, and your favorite bong to have some quality time with your friends.

What was your favorite experience using these products? Help others learn more about them by sharing your experiences and tips on where to buy moon rocks on sale in the comments!

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