5 High-Paying Jobs in the Cannabis Sector That You Need to Know

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Marijuana is one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States that has created new career opportunities for many individuals.

According to Arcview group market research, there will be 414k job openings for the cannabis sector in 2021.

The report also offers insights on the budget, social benefits, and decrease in the illicit market as the legal, regulated cannabis industry is growing continuously. The cannabis industry is currently offering exciting job opportunities for candidates in the United States.

Continue reading this blog and find out the high-paying jobs in the marijuana industry…

#1. Dispensary owner

Annual approximate salary: $125K

Dispensary owners are the ones who lead the consumer-driven cannabis industry. This job profile will need big-time, effort, and money to start the business from scratch. As the law may differ from state to state and often changes, you need to stay updated with zoning rules and regulations, advertising techniques, and the training process.

Your job responsibilities include managing the cultivation operations, accounts department, financial reports, supervision of harvesting, processing, and distributions.

If you are already sound with the cannabis culture, the reward of working as a dispensary owner is incredible in the long-run.

#2. Cultivator/Harvester

Annual approximate salary: $17K – $50K

A cultivator or a harvester oversees planting cannabis from seed to a whole-grown plant. As a cannabis harvester, your primary goal is to take care of cannabis production activities, including pruning plants, checking pH level of the soil, and monitoring the plant’s health.

This job profile will also require knowledge about the different strains and their growing needs.

A harvester also gathers crops, sort and weigh buds ready for transportations to manufactures. To sum up, if you opt for a cannabis cultivator’s job profile, you’ll be an ideal contact from planting to harvesting.

#3. Lab Technician

Annual approximate salary: $75K – $125K

A lab technician role is one of the most demanding jobs in the cannabis industry. It requires special skills and potential for medical implications to create cannabis concentrates. Technicians extract cannabinoids like THC, CBD, and terpenes from the cannabis flower and other plants with CO2 and butane for the wide concentrates.

Cannabis recruitment firms are on the lookout for candidates with advanced degrees in chemistry.

The technician’s responsibility is to ensure thorough testing adhering to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards before it is sent out in the market.

#4. Head Grower/Master Grower

Annual Approximate salary: $80K – $100K

Head growers are the ones who oversee the entire cannabis plantation process. Without growers, the whole cannabis market is on a standstill.

If you opt for this job role in the cannabis industry, you’ll be a primary point of contact for your staff’s daily operations. You’ll be a decision-maker considering planting procedures for every strain, maintenance, and safety standard.

It will be your core responsibility to stay updated about the latest strains of cannabis and its production process. You can easily be a master grower if you have experience in working in the horticulture or agriculture field.

#5. Edibles Chef

Annual Approximate salary: $40K – $80K

Edibles chefs’ job is amongst the most trending cannabis career nowadays. You’ll be responsible for creating cannabis-infused foods, ensuring that appropriate marijuana is concentrated for products to be sold for recreational consumption. In the last few years, the marijuana industry has discovered new forms of cannabis edibles.

This job profile can be an excellent opportunity for individuals who like cooking and eager to produce new and unique dishes.

The head chef’s job is to attract customers with the new recipes and develop marijuana-infused foods. This way you’ll create a trend amongst individuals to try new ways of consuming marijuana. Additionally, working as a lead in the department, you’ll oversee the production process, technical advisor, and taster to approve delicious marijuana edibles for sale.

It is always suggested to stay in line with the latest news and laws of the marijuana food industry.

Ending Note

The cannabis industry will have numerous opportunities with high-paying jobs this year. As a newbie, there is a lot to explore while making a profession out of the ever-growing cannabis industry.

Similarly, if you are already working in the marijuana job profile, you can dive in deep and experience an exciting growth opportunity for yourself.

It is a win-win situation to seek a job opportunity in the marijuana industry and overcome new challenges to grow professionally.

Goodluck for your job hunt!


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