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Tired of Doing CBD Gummies the Old Way? Read This!

You’ve undoubtedly heard of CBD gummies by now, but have you ever tried one? CBD gummies are some of the best and most popular CBD-infused products, as they’re discreet, delicious, and have long-lasting effects.

But did you know that there are more ways to consume CBD gummies than to chew on them like you usually do?

Let’s see all the ways you can take them and still enjoy their benefits…

Use CBD Gummies for Cake and Cookie Toppings

When it comes to cake and cookie toppings, you have loads of possibilities. You can throw rainbow or chocolate sprinkles on top, chocolate chips, icing sugar, dragees, dried fruits, and nuts. But you can also add CBD gummies to the mix!

Whether you’re making a cake, muffins, macaroons, or any other cookies, add your preferred cream and throw some gummies on top. Your masterpiece will look and taste wonderful!

Add Them to Sweet Baked Goods

Gummy bears may not go well with apple pie, but they can complement lots of other sweet baked goods.

For instance, you can make gummy bear thumbprint cookies. So instead of jam, why not place a gummy or two in that little hole in the middle?

The gummies will melt, but you don’t have to worry about the potency. They contain gelatin, which has a melting point of about 95℉. That’s not nearly enough to degrade CBD levels to the point where you’ll notice any difference in potency.

Include Them in Your Dirt Cake

If you’re not familiar with dirt cakes, we assure you they’re more mouthwatering than they sound. They earned their name because of the resemblance to earth or soil, but that’s because of all the chocolate sprinkles. They also typically have gummy worms on top.

If you’re a fan of dirt cakes (who isn’t?), or you’re eager to try one, here’s the fastest and most delicious way to make it. Make layers of Oreo crust and cream cheese pudding, add chocolate chips and sprinkles on top, and add some CBD gummy bears and worms to the “dirt.”

The best part? There’s no baking involved!

Make Muddy Bears

Again, this is way more delicious than it sounds. It’s only gummy bears covered in chocolate, and it couldn’t be easier to make!

You only need to melt some milk chocolate, dip your Sunday Scaries CBD gummies in that creamy delight, and put them in the freezer. Once the chocolate sets, you’ll have a delectable dessert!

Planning a movie night? These yummy gummies can go perfectly with buttery popcorn!

Add Them to Frozen or Fruit Yogurt

CBD gummies can be ideal for frozen and fruit yogurt. Just throw a few gummies in, and add some fresh fruit for good measure. We guarantee you’ll enjoy a heavenly taste!

Make CBD Gummy Chocolate Bark

If you have a sweet tooth, here’s another brilliant dessert for you to try. Even if you don’t know your way around the kitchen, you can make chocolate gummy bear bark quite easily. You can find tons of recipes online, which you can customize to your liking.

The main ingredients are the chocolate you’ll melt, vegetable oil, and chocolate chips. Depending on your preference, you can select loads of other toppings, such as crushed candy canes, mint crunch, graham crackers, chopped peanut butter, chocolate sprinkles, caramel, nuts, and anything else you want.

Once you’re done with your unique creation, add some CBD gummies on top. Your taste buds will thank you!

Freeze CBD Gummies in Popsicles

What better way to cool off in the hot summer months than to beat the heat with homemade fruit popsicles? Add CBD gummies to this frozen snack, and you’ll have a delicious treat that you’ll want to eat every day!

If you don’t have a popsicle mold, you can use glasses, plastic cups, yogurt containers, or a baking pan with cups to make muffins.

Fill your chosen containers with lemonade, orange juice, coconut milk, fruit yogurt, fruit puree, or anything else you like. Next, you can add some fresh fruit, such as strawberries and kiwi, and add a touch of maple syrup or honey. The last ingredient is CBD gummies – one gummy per popsicle.

Put everything in the freezer, and wait about 40 minutes to insert popsicle sticks. If you’re forgetful, set a timer because you’ll end up eating your gummy bear popsicles with a spoon otherwise!

Make Polar Gummy Bears

Have you thought about freezing your CBD gummies in ice cubes? That way, you can have a fun addition to smoothies and other beverages.

All you need is an ice tray and perhaps some fresh berries to make the ice cubes more interesting and flavorsome.

The Takeaway

As you can see, CBD gummies open the door to lots of tasty possibilities. So, next time you want to pop one into your mouth, try these divine desserts and snacks, and give your taste buds a real treat!

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