Best Ways to Smoke Dabs Without a Dab Rig



Smoking dabs gives a powerful high that can last for hours, providing an intense but pleasant stoning effect along the way. Cannabis lovers really appreciate the power of dabbing.

Dabbing involves using a dab rig that heats the concentrates to vaporize them for smoking. Dabbing is an art that involves several tools for the perfect dab, including a nail, dome, torch, dabber, and the dab rig or traditional water pipe.

However, there are other ways to smoke dabs without using a rig. If you are craving for the powerful high produced by concentrates but your rig is broken or you simply don’t have one, here are other options for you.

1. Vape Your Dabs

Vaping dabs is a suitable method of smoking dabs if you don’t have a dab rig. You need a vape pen, a cartridge, and a battery to heat the concentrate. Cartridges are readily available and come with an atomizer and mouthpiece. You only have to connect the cartridge to the battery and vape. However, if you want to use your own concentrate rather than buying a prefilled cartridge, you need a vape pen that comes with a detachable atomizer.

Here is how to dab with Dr Dabber vape kits.

    • Use a metal dabber to gather your concentrate or wax.
    • Remove the atomizer from the battery chamber, dab the concentrate in the unheated coil.
    • Switch on the vape pen, and the heating process starts.
    • Then connect the atomizer to the battery unit and attach the mouthpiece to the atomizer.
    • Wait for a few seconds for the concentrate to vaporize, then hold down the button and inhale from the mouthpiece.

2. Roll Your Dabs In a Joint

Here you need the concentrate, some buds, rolling papers, and a crutch. Spread your rolling paper and crutch, then spread our buds in the paper. The next step depends on the concentrate you are using; if you have shatter or crumble, you can break it and sprinkle it on the joint. You can also roll your wax and place it in the middle of your joint. After that, wash your hands, then roll your joint. Rolling a joint with wax can be challenging, but you can do it then smoke it with care.

3. Drop Your Dabs In a Bowl

Another way is to smoke concentrates using a bowl. Put some buds into the bowl until it is half full. Then collect some concentrate using a metal dabber and place it on top of the buds. Then pack the remaining part of the bowl with buds to sandwich the concentrate because a direct encounter with a flame can degrade its quality. By sandwiching it between buds, you can smoke the concentrate without igniting it completely.

4. Use a Bong as a Dab Rig

You can repurpose your bong to use it as a dab rig. A small bong below 15inches will work perfectly. But you need a dab nail with the right-sized ground joint. Because many bongs are female jointed, look for a male jointed dab nail that will fit, especially a universal dab nail that comes with both make and female functionality. You still need a torch, carb cap, and dabber for the perfect dab with this method.


If you are stuck with cannabis concentrates with no rig, worry not, as there are other methods to consume them. Give some of the methods here a try.

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