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There’s nothing like a good savory strain of weed, and Cheese strains are some of the best savory options out there. There are plenty of strains to choose from; a full cheese strain list would include dozens of delicious options. However, some cheese strains stand out above the rest. Here are some of the best cheese strains to grow and enjoy.



When you’re looking for a legendary high, look no further than the original Cheese weed. This potent strain is known for its funky flavor and serious yield. First developed in the UK in the ’80s, it’s since spread worldwide. Cheese delivers a mellow high that encourages relaxation without causing you to fall asleep. THC levels are a respectable 14%, on average. Cheese is the offspring of Skunk #1 and Afghani indica, leading to a hardy, easy to grow 60/40 indica-dominant hybrid.

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Cheese is the parent of all cheese strains.  Expect intensely cheesy scents, with a hint of earth. Once you light it, an herbal sweetness comes through. The taste is milder, closer to buttery smooth cream cheese. The smell is pungent, so don’t expect to hide it easily.

Cheese kush is an absolute dream to grow. It is pest-resistant, mold-resistant, and immune to most diseases. Grown inside, it is easy to grow, however for absolute beginners, Cheese Autoflower is probably one of the easiest strains of marijuana to grow.  With these plants, as long as you provide lots of light and control the temperature, you’ll be harvesting in about eight weeks. Feminized Cheese Plants are also easy to grow. They take about ten weeks to reach harvest and have slightly higher yields.


Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese

If you’re looking for a Cheese indica strain, Blue Cheese is for you. This sweet strain is a cross between Blueberry and Cheese strains. It’s an 80/20 indica hybrid, and the indica effects are quite noticeable. Blue Cheese delivers a relaxed, balanced experience that doesn’t lead to couchlock. THC levels can easily reach as high as 19%, making it a solid choice even for experienced users. There’s also a decent amount of CBD, making it appropriate for therapeutic use.

Blue Cheese follows its Cheese heritage. It’s an intensely pungent strain, but the Blueberry genetics give it a sweet and savory smell. Blue Cheese boasts a creamy scent that’s uniquely appealing. The taste is similar to bleu cheese or blueberry cream cheese.

Growing Blue Cheese is straightforward indoors, but if you’d like to see its famous blue color, you should grow it outdoors. Cooler evening temperatures help bring out those blue.  Its indica heritage leads it to grow into a bushy and dense small plant, however, it’s mold-resistant, making it easier to grow. For the best results, new growers should use feminized Blue Cheese seeds, or else they may end up with less potent males.   Look for harvests of about nine ounces per square yard after nine weeks.




Chiesel weed is a surprising cheese sativa. It’s the result of a delicious cross between Bug Buddha Cheese and NYC Diesel. For those who love East Coast strains, Chiesel will be a revelation. It’s a 60/40 sativa-dominant hybrid, so the high is energetic but not overwhelming. It provides a moderate amount of THC, like most Cheese strains. Chiesel is overall a great choice for both newbies and longtime users.

When you smoke Chiesel, you’ll notice the cheese right away. It’s blended with a solid dose of diesel scent, giving it a real East Coast vibe. There’s still a hint of fruity berry, helping round out the scent into something interesting. The flavor matches the scent, leaning a little more on the berry notes and diesel for a unique experience.

Chiesel is a little more finicky to grow than its Cheese parent. The sativa genetics lead to an impressively tall single cola if you don’t train your plants. That can lead to a need for supports like a trellis or garden poles. Training can boost your yields, though, so it’s a win-win. You can see harvests as large as 16 ounces per square yard in about nine weeks.


Swiss Cheese


When you want something to knock you out, look no further than Swiss Cheese. It’s a potent Cheese indica strain, with a serious couchlock high. THC levels routinely reach 18%. You’ll feel relaxed and ready to go with the flow, as long as you’re able to stay put.

Swiss Cheese is a sweeter smoke than many cheese indica strains. It’s still got the skunky cheese flavor, but it’s creamier and mellower. You’ll note just a hint of sourness along with a buttery sweet finish.

Many people consider Swiss Cheese one of the simplest strains to grow. It has all the pest-resistance of the original Cheese marijuana strain, but with a boost of speed. Indoor grows can be ready for harvest in just eight weeks. Plants stay a little more compact, rarely breaking four feet. However, they still have impressive yields, reaching as high as 17 ounces per square meter.


Bubble Cheese

Bubble Cheese

If you’re looking for a unique high, Bubble Cheese can provide. This gooey, sticky strain is perfect for creating bubble hash. Bubble Cheese is a heavily indica-dominant hybrid that is the result of mixing Bubble Gum and the Cheese weed strain. THC levels are typically about 18%.

When smoked, Bubble Cheese has a strange but appealing scent. The combination of sugary bubblegum and pungent cheese is the definition of a sweet and savory blend. The taste is a perfect match, with just a hint of dank herbs.

Growing Bubble Cheese takes no time at all. It’s ready to for harvest in as few as seven weeks. Just give the plants enough light, and you’ll see the fruits of your labor in less than two months.


If you need a savory strain, Cheese genetics should be at the top of your list.  Cheese strains are some of the most satisfying plants out there, both to grow and to use. However, when you’re the grower, your actual results will depend on your expertise. That’s why you should start by reading my free Marijuana Grow Bible. While you can’t learn to grow like a pro by reading a single book, you can learn how to avoid those common mistakes that ruin your yield and potency.

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