Best Cannabis Kitchen Supplies for Baking

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Adding cannabis to a recipe—any recipe—makes the meal healthier and more flavorful. The plant may not be magical, but it’s full of powerful ingredients that are good for the mind and body.

To cook with cannabis, you don’t need a lot of fancy gadgets. As long as you know how to grind and decarboxylate, you can cook almost anything.

Still, having items made especially for cooking a marijuana plant can be helpful! These seven kitchen supplies are must-haves when you’re baking with cannabis.

1. An Infuser

So much of the fun that comes from baking with cannabis is infusing it with other items. From oils to extracts, anything you have can be infused with your weed to give it an aroma and flavor boost.

Infusers are made specifically for baking. A cannabis infuser is designed to extract all the benefits of the plant and blend it with your other ingredients.

Veriheal’s article about infusing cannabis and coconut oil is the perfect read for people who want the results but don’t have an infuser.

2. Canning Jars

If you plan to cook in bulk, canning jars are a necessity. They’ve been used for centuries to store all kinds of plants. We’re just expanding that use today beyond what your grandparents probably stored in them.

Canning jars are usually glass and have a lid and a seal. They preserve the contents inside them, keeping your finished product fresh for years.

3. A Digital Scale

One of the biggest things to remember when you’re cooking with marijuana is that you can’t do a pinch here and a dab there. You must know how much cannabis the recipe calls for and measure it precisely.

This is particularly true if you’re sensitive to the plant’s effects. Know your limits and measure your plant to the very last milligram.

4. A Cutting Board

You already have this little gadget in your cupboard, but it’s a good idea to have a cutting board strictly for cannabis use. If you have kids in the house, you definitely don’t want any cross-contamination happening.

5. A Cookbook

Most of us start out with a simple cannabutter recipe and move up from there. You don’t need to reinvent the pot wheel, though. There are hundreds of cannabis cookbooks you can use that have tried-and-tested recipes.

Now that weed is legal for adults to use in most of the country, the floodgates have opened with curiosity-seekers. They’ve heard about the discrete way of ingesting weed with edibles and want to cook more than brownies and butter. They don’t know how, so they turn to cookbooks.

Whatever it is you want to make, there’s already a recipe for it somewhere.

6. A Cheesecloth

You don’t have to like cheese to need a cheesecloth. This is a special product that is used when you’re infusing cannabis. It looks like the gauze you’d use on a wound, but it’s made from cotton and is much larger than a bandage.

The cloth helps to strain all the weed out of the infused product. It catches the good stuff so you don’t lose any of the flavor or benefit.

7. An Herb Grinder

Herb grinders are kitchen accessories that have sharp metal, wood, or plastic spikes inside them. When you put your cannabis (or any herb) inside the grinder and turn it around, the herb breaks into tiny, ground-up pieces.

Kind of like coffee, when you grind a cannabis bud, the aroma is strong at first. Over time, the terpenes that are responsible for the smell evaporate. If you’re going to grind a lot of cannabis, make sure you have a vacuum sealer or store it in the canning jars.

Remember, the longer weed is stored, the less potent it becomes. It also loses its flavor. Grind the cannabis in your herb grinder, but use it quickly for best results.


Ready to cook with cannabis? It’s an exciting way to branch out your culinary skills and enjoy your own weed edibles.

As you get familiar with the steps and collect the kitchen supplies, you might find that you enjoy the process. As you learn new recipes, give some of the results to your friends and family. Who knows, they might have their own culinary delights to share with you!

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