7 Surprising Benefits of Using CBD Oil for Your Health and Wellness

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CBD is an incredibly beneficial compound, and taking it in the form of an oil or tincture is one of the simplest options around. What are the most compelling benefits of taking CBD hemp oil — whether it’s a 500mg, 750mg, or 1500mg CBD oil tincture? Learn about the top 7 ways CBD can positively impact your health and wellness in the following guide.

1. Natural Relaxation

For many people, CBD provides all the soothing relaxation of prescription or OTC drugs but without the significant downsides. Without making you feel high, CBD oil gently relaxes you, helping you let go of stress at the end of a long day. CBD might even help you get the morning off right with a calm attitude.

2. No Intoxication

Unlike THC, the most famous cannabinoid in cannabis, CBD does not have any intoxicating properties — period. It isn’t a matter of dose: the CBD molecule simply does not have the structures necessary to cause an intoxicating, dopamine-stimulating response in the brain. Instead, CBD mainly interacts with the bodily systems that control pain and inflammation, making it a target of serious international pain-relief research.

3. Terpenes & the Entourage Effect

If it is prepared correctly, CBD oil still contains the minor cannabinoids and terpenes necessary to trigger the entourage effect, a form of beneficial synergy that occurs when the compounds in cannabis or hemp are kept together rather than split apart.

To know whether your CBD oil offers the entourage effect, make sure it is labeled as either “full-spectrum” or “broad-spectrum.” If the manufacturer specifically states that their CBD oil contains terpenes, that’s a big plus.

4. Antioxidant Benefits

Most of the oils present in the flowers of the hemp plant — including cannabinoids and terpenes — have been determined to have at least some amount of antioxidant potential. In the human body, oxidative stress is the primary driver of disease and aging, so any substance that provides natural, balanced antioxidant potential might improve human health overall.

5. Sleep & Anxiety

One of the most common uses of CBD is to get better sleep at night or cope with anxiety. These two issues are commonly interrelated — anxiety can make sleep harder to come by or lower-quality, and lack of sleep can then worsen anxiety symptoms.

A clinical study published in 2019 provided the first concrete evidence that CBD might help with both sleep and anxiety. In this study, nearly four-fifths (79.2%) of the 72 patients experienced reductions in anxiety, and roughly two-thirds (66.7%) reported improved sleep. While promising, these initial results must be followed up with further study to have any serious meaning.

6. Pain & Inflammation

Almost everyone who has used CBD for pain or inflammation has reported positive results. Whether or not CBD entirely erases pain, it certainly seems to help. For customers jaded with over-promised and under-delivering prescription and OTC drugs, even just a little bit of genuine relief can seem like a miracle.

The best part of using CBD for pain is there do not appear to be any significant downsides. Individual cases of severe allergic reactions sometimes occur, but not at a statistically higher rate than other commonly used medicinal substances.

In terms of frequent, serious side effects, CBD appears to be almost entirely safe — even when used in high doses day-in and day-out. CBD is only as safe as the product it comes in, though, so choose your hemp suppliers with great care.

7. Pure & Tested

Not all CBD products are lab-tested, but they should be. Lab reports provide you with the same degree of assurance and confidence as FDA approval does for similar substances. If CBD companies partner with truly third-party labs that don’t tamper with their numbers, you can rest assured that their products are just as potent and contaminant-free as is reflected in their data sheets.

On its own, there’s nothing about CBD that should raise concerns for most people. This cannabinoid is practically notorious for its mildness, making the proper sourcing of high-quality CBD products your only major responsibility.

The Bottom Line: Should I Use CBD for My Health?

It might not be the case that everyone strictly needs CBD. It certainly appears to be true, though, that every adult can benefit from the effects of this gentle cannabinoid, which appears to subtly boost your health in almost every conceivable capacity. As you explore everything CBD has to offer, just make sure to choose a brand that offers high-quality products and provides batch-specific, third-party lab testing.

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