Actionable Advice To Maximize Your Cannabis Yield

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Cannabis cultivation is an alluring prospect, whether you do it for self-sufficiency or commercial selling. You can save big as a home grower and earn big as a commercial cultivator.

But everything boils down to getting quality yield and high output from your growing operations. It takes a lot of hard work to get ahead on both fronts, but the effort is worthwhile.

Moreover, you can follow some tried and tested tips to maximize your yield by growing correctly.

Five Tips to Maximize Your Cannabis Grow Yield

Here is some actionable advice to get the most out of your cannabis harvest…

1. Invest in robust infrastructure

Once you get into the cultivation zone, you will probably want to do it for the long haul. It makes sense to invest in robust infrastructure for your growing project. You may choose to grow indoors or outdoors with soil or hydroponics gardening techniques. The decision determines the kind of infrastructure you need to invest in. Indoor cultivation requires more, such as tents and canopies, lighting, HVAC systems, etc. You will also have to set up an irrigation system to cover the watering needs.

2. Brush up on cannabis-growing education

Basic gardening skills give you a good start with cannabis education, but you need to know more. The cannabis crop has specific requirements in terms of temperature, nutrition, watering, pest control, and more. Things get even more complicated when you grow indoors because you have to replicate the ideal environment in a limited space. Brushing on cannabis-growing education puts you in a good place. You can research on the internet or seek insights from a seasoned grower.

3. Choose healthy genetics

Nothing matters more than healthy genetics when it comes to growing quality cannabis and maximizing its yield. Even the best conditions will get you nowhere unless you cultivate with fresh and healthy seeds. Buy only from a reputed Seed Bank you can trust for quality seeds. Start with a small first run of seeds and find the best phenotype. Test at the sapling stage before going into full production. A hit-and-trial approach is good enough to pick the genetics that work for you.

4. Group similar strains

As a home grower or commercial cultivator,  you may want to grow diverse strains for variety. Experts suggest grouping strains that prefer the same environment and finish at the same time. You can grow them together for maximum yield with minimum work. It enables you to save time and the cost of cultivation infrastructure. Moreover, you can save on nutrient costs by buying in bulk.

5. Think beyond growing

While growing excellence should be on top of your mind to get the best output, you must think beyond it.  Ensure having a plan for harvesting, drying, processing, and storing your cannabis output. The last thing you want to encounter is your crop going bad after the hard work. Remember to cultivate at an optimal time before inclement weather or frost sets in. Keep an eye on the crop to curb pests and keep the plants healthy.

The Takeaway

Maximizing cannabis yield and quality is easy, provided you are ready to follow the optimal growing rules. Follow this checklist to achieve more with less.

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