How to Choose the Best Glass Water Pipe: Two Crucial Tips

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If you are an experienced cannabis user interested in using glass water pipes or bongs, you should know that not all glass is created equal. You will come across several head shops that will claim that every piece they sell is perfect.

So how do you make sure the glass you are buying is of the best quality and avoid getting duped when you shop for your next piece?

Two Crucial Tips for Choosing the Best Glass Water Pipe

Here you’ll find some crucial tips that will help you find a flawless piece for your everyday cannabis consumption needs.

1. Pick Only High-Quality Glass

When shopping for glass water pipes, online or offline, you will find several lucrative deals on seemingly decent glass pipes, but don’t make the buying decision just yet. There are many thin, flimsy, or unsafe products out there that can negatively affect your cannabis consuming experience. Therefore buy from an online head shop that provides its customers with high-quality glass pipes.

If you are not good at taking care of your things, look for a piece that at least has a 9mm thick glass. Also, buy only clear glass pipes because the ones painted from the inside can prove dangerous while you inhale cannabis from them. And this may sound a little obvious, but when buying a glass pipe, make sure it’s all glass and no other type of metal is installed on it.

No matter how appealing the price may look, don’t waste your hard-earned money on mixed material pieces. Additionally, rubber, silicone, plastic, and metal are tough to clean and lack on the grounds of safety compared to glass.

2. Buy a Glass Piece According to Your Needs

When shopping for a glass water pipe, you need to be sure of what type or size of glass pipe you need. Do you prefer inhaling flowers over concentrates, or is it the other way around? Your experience with cannabis will help you find the answers.

Usually, dry pipes are a common and more straightforward choice but not as effective as a water pipe. Bongs, commonly known as water pipes, are favorites among experienced cannabis consumers. Most water pipes come in a 6-18 inch range.

Furthermore, flower consumers are always looking to enhance their experience, so glass pipes with more than one percolator with multiple holes for diffusion are most sought after. On the other hand, concentrate consumers have equal options of different glass styles as flower inhalers.

However, if you want something portable or small in size for your concentrates, you should look into nano rigs and mini recyclers made of glass.

Finally, a glass dab rig is the standard equipment for concentrate consumers. Surprisingly, you can use any medium or large-sized bong to consume your concentrates. However, you may have to sacrifice the quality of your experience when using these devices.

The Takeaway

When you are looking to enhance your marijuana consuming experience, glass water pipes are a great piece of equipment. However, selecting the right one can be a little tricky. To get the most out of yourself, follow the tips mentioned above when finding a glass pipe for yourself.

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