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There’s nothing like adding cannabis to your sexual experience to enhance both your mental and physical stimulations. Marijuana is great for relaxation, and it also heightens the senses. It’s also useful for eliminating sexual inhibitions.

Many strains can produce these effects, but some are better at it than others. If you are looking for the best weed for sex, you need something that does a bit of it all. Whether you want an earth-shattering orgasm, or relaxing, slow cuddles, putting a little thought into it is your step one.

If you aren’t already using cannabis for your love life, it’s a good idea to start. Marijuana and sex go great together! According to studies, regular pot smokers tend to have more sex than non-smokers or occasional users. This may be because the right strains can make the act of sex better. When using the best cannabis for sex, everyone involved is more likely to enjoy it and want more.  

Need some help finding the best strains for your needs? Here are some of the best marijuana for sex, based on your ultimate goal.

Cheese: Mental Stimulation


Almost everyone needs a little mental boost to put them in the mood for lovemaking or hot sex. Cheese is an indica-dominant hybrid that does just that. It helps you relax your mind while also stimulating it. Cheese is one of many arousal strains that work by causing worries to drift away while you experience the intensity of the mood.

Cheese is also high on my list because it is available as an autoflower. That means it grows fast indoors, making it easy to keep your supply always well-stocked.  When you’re ready to change the mood, simply take a few puffs of this strain, and you’ll be more likely to enjoy what comes next.

Skywalker OG: Submissive Loving

Skywalker OG Strain

Have you been looking for creative ways to practice the art of submissive sex? Then, Skywalker OG is probably the strain for you. There’s no time like the present for you and your consenting sex partner to indulge. Rule your sexual universe by replacing negative thoughts with tantalizing, tingling sensations.

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The best pot for sex tends to bring on intense feelings of self-awareness, bringing your inner sexuality to light. Take a toke, close your eyes, and get lost in your lover’s touch, smell, and breath. The euphoric effects of Skywalker OG are the perfect guide for taking you to intergalactic bliss.

Trainwreck: BDSM Relaxation

Trainwreck Effects
Trainwreck Effects, Or More Like: The Happy Train

BDSM is a term used by kinky adults that splits various types of sex into three major groups:

  • Bondage and discipline
  • Domination and submission
  • Sadism and masochism

The technique can vary, but they all share one key feature: intensity. If you are looking for a strain that shares a similar intensity, you should look at Trainwreck. Named for its potency and strong cerebral high, Trainwreck is a sativa-dominant hybrid with a full-bodied high. Interestingly, it’s also one of the best strains for female arousal.

Trainwreck will make you feel good from head to toe, which is great for adding spice to even the most vanilla types of sex. But for those living kinkier lives, its high THC content helps reduce the sensations of pain and potentially increases flexibility. Both of these aspects make it very useful for BDSM.

Blue Dream: Extended Foreplay

Blueberry Dream Effects
Blueberry Dream Effects – Image powered by

Real lovers should never take foreplay for granted. But who has the time with so many things on our minds? Well, that’s where Blue Dream comes into play. It’s also one of the best strains for male arousal that you can buy. This sativa-dominant weed clears your thoughts and calms you down, giving you a small amount of mental stimulation that leads to long bouts of exciting foreplay.

The euphoria is strong, and it doesn’t lead to couchlock. Your inhibitions are lowered, and your confidence is boosted. Users say Blue Dream is an effective energy boost, which leads to mind-blowing sex that lasts… what seems like… forever.

Sour Diesel: Inhibitions Eliminator

Sour Diesel strain
Sour Diesel strain

When combining sex and marijuana, Sour Diesel is a practical go-to for those who have a little trouble getting in the mood. This sativa-dominant strain delivers a mood-lifting energetic high that’s perfect for focusing on sex. You’ll experience an exciting rush while feeling relaxed at the same time. So, instead of feeling paranoid and jittery, you’ll likely feel insatiable and, well, horny.

Sour Diesel is included as one of the best weed for sex strains because it gives you the power to go at it all night long. Many users say they can’t get enough sex while under the influence of this strain, which may lead to multiple orgasms.  If you’re ready to crave your partner like never before, this strain is a great way to get started.

Grandaddy Purple: Green Viagra

Grandaddy Purple

If you’d like longevity, but without the prescription, Grandaddy Purple might be your answer. Many call this strain “green Viagra” simply because of how well it works. This easy-to-grow indica produces a dreamy buzz that helps you take your time during sex, causing it to potentially last for hours. It fills your intimate experience with sensual excitement, as every touch from your partner leads to even more arousal.

Potent levels of relaxation, combined with increased sensitivity, make this one of the best weed strains for sex. So, don’t overdo it, or you may pass out due to couch-like. Just a couple of hits of Grandaddy Purple, and you’re ready for passionate, long, hot, steamy sex finished off by a remarkably satisfying orgasm.

The best cannabis strain for sex is one that helps you connect with your lover in intimate ways. Whether that is helping you relax, withstand more pain, or become more responsive to touch, these arousal strains can change your experience for the better. It’s always a good idea to have some of these strains around because you never know when they might come in handy. Learn how to grow these around other enticing marijuana strains in my free Marijuana Grow Bible.

FAQ About Strains and Sex

Does being high make you last longer in bed?

When asked, guys generally say smoking marijuana before boning increases their sexual stamina and helps them last longer.

How do I choose a strain for sex?

A common worry people have is getting too high. Balance is key to a more positive experience in the bedroom. The best cannabis strain for sex is one that helps you connect with your lover in intimate ways.

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