Your guide to Strains Madness 2022 


Another March, another round of Strains Madness. This year, we’re taking it to Instagram and Twitter where 32 popular strains will go into head-to-head matchups to determine which strain will reign supreme in 2022. 

Last year, OG Kush took home the championship trophy. This year, some of the same heavyweights are back, and we’re mixing it up with classics like Maui Wowie and GSC.

So lock in your favorites and fill out your bracket:

marijuana strains madness tournament bracket

How it works:  

  • Strains will be pitted against each other in matchups starting at 4:20 p.m. PST (full schedule listed below). All voting will happen on Weedmaps’ Instagram Story stream and on Twitter
  • To vote on matchups: starting at 4:20 p.m. PST on a matchup day, click into our stories and vote for your favorite strain in the matchup, and repeat until you’ve voted for every matchup in the round. 
  • To find out who advanced: check back here as we update this article with the winners. 
  • To find out who won: the winning strain will be posted on Weedmaps’ Instagram and Twitter and will be covered in a Weedmaps News recap. 

This year’s contenders

Here’s the full lineup of strains going head-to-head and will be eligible for your vote in the coming days.

Shelf 1

(1) OG Kush vs. (8) 24K Gold

(2) Wedding Cake vs. (7) GG4

(3) Alien OG vs. (6) MAC

(4) Granddaddy Purple vs. (5) Northern Lights

Shelf 2

(1) Gelato vs. (8) Headband

(2) Super Silver Haze vs. (7) Maui Wowie

(3) Durban Poison vs. (6) Bubba Kush

(4) Chemdog vs. (5) Sour Diesel 

Shelf 3

(1) Blue Dream vs. (8) Tangie

(2) Purple Punch vs. (7) Mendo Breath

(3) Mimosa vs. (6) Cherry Pie

(4) Super Skunk vs. (5) Super Lemon Haze

Shelf 4 

(1) Acapulco Gold vs. (8) GMO Cookies

(2) Biscotti vs. (7) Forbidden Fruit

(3) White Widow vs. (6) Ice Cream Cake

(4) GSC vs. (5) Trainwreck

The schedule

This year, you can vote for each matchup starting at 4:20 p.m. PST on both Weedmaps’ Twitter and Instagram Stories.

  • 3/17: Round 1: Madness Begins — 16 matchups between 32 strains. Fans can vote on Instagram Stories and Twitter.
  • 3/24: Round 2: Dank 16 — 8 matchups pitting the remaining 16 strains. Fans can vote on Instagram Stories and Twitter.
  • 3/28: Round 3: Quarter Finals — 4 matchups pitting the remaining 8 strains. Fans can vote on Instagram Stories and Twitter. 
  • 4/1: Round 4: Fire Four — 2 matchups pitting the remaining 4 strains. Fans can vote on Instagram Stories and Twitter. 
  • 4/4: Round 5: Championship Monday — One strain for glory, the final matchup. Fans can vote on all Weedmaps social platforms. 
  • 4/8: The Champion’s Friday — Our champion is announced on Instagram, Twitter, and across our other platforms.

Tournament recaps 

Check back here to find out which strains won each week.

First-round winners (pending)

Dank-16 winners (pending)

Quarter-finals winners (pending)

Fire-four winners (pending)

Strains Madness 2022 Champion (pending)

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