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If you’ve tried to buy CBD online recently, you know that the selection is overwhelming and not always user-friendly. When you go to your local recreational cannabis dispensary, you typically have a friendly budtender to tell you about your options and provide suggestions. It’s harder to find someone to shepherd you through thousands of seemingly identical hemp tinctures and gummies to figure out what’s worth buying and what’s right for you.

West Coast based hemp company Kurativ knows from experience that buying hemp and other CBD products online can be easy (and not too expensive!), as long as you know where to look. Director Ryan Morris says that the company started out with “just a credit card and some CBD from a friend’s farm” making products that worked for their core group—but once they put their 3300mg full-spectrum CBD oil on the shelves, the feedback was overwhelming.

Kurativ’s mission to deliver top-quality hemp extracts at affordable prices is deeply personal for the team. Marketing director Brian Johnson, who notes both he and Morris are military vets, didn’t try CBD or CBG until he started working for Kurativ, but swears by the topical creams for his back and the pet tinctures for his dog.

In Johnson’s case, the right hemp extract products found him—but it’s easy enough to find yours if you know where to look. 

What to look for in a CBD product

You don’t need a PhD to understand how to pick out a CBD or other non-psychoactive cannabis product. Once you’re equipped with the right questions, it all falls into place.

Bigger price doesn’t mean better quality. Kurativ makes a point of keeping prices affordable while maintaining the highest of standards. Bigger price tags could be all branding or just someone trying to make a quick buck.

Know where the hemp comes from. The shorter the journey from farm to bottle, the better a cannabis product tends to be—you know the manufacturer has sourced the ingredients carefully instead of just hitting the first cheap product they could find. Kurativ sources all its CBD from an American hemp farm they’ve cultivated a close relationship with, and personally participate in care and quality control.

Choose broad- or full-spectrum if you can. CBD is great, but hemp has plenty of other beneficial compounds like CBG, CBC, and CBN, which enhance CBD’s effects for stronger relief. This is called the “entourage effect.”

Minor cannabinoids. Those non-CBD compounds are called “minor cannabinoids,” because they typically appear naturally in smaller quantities. These are all going to improve the performance of CBD, but they all have little tricks of their own. Kurativ is a leader in CBG-rich extracts, which could promote balance.

Look for third-party testing. You can’t trust a hemp company that isn’t transparent about what’s in their products. Most reputable companies, like Kurativ, will have a third-party lab test every single batch of products for purity and potency, then publish the results. (Kurativ’s lab results can be found on their website.)

About Kurativ’s products (and how to use them)

Image courtesy of Kurativ

Just as the budtender at your local dispensary is ready to give a full rundown of what they have available, Kurativ’s inbox is open to anyone who needs to work out any burning CBD questions. But first, the basics.

Full spectrum CBD oil. This is a great choice if you’re not sure where to start or you’re just looking for a great CBD product. Easy-to-absorb MCT oil contains a precise dose of CBD for consistency, and is rich in minor cannabinoids and other plant compounds for the best performance. With prices starting at $20, it’s not going to break the bank, either. Usage is simple: Measure your dose in the dropper and either take it under your tongue or rub into your skin.

Full spectrum CBD/CBG oil. This oil is similar to Kurativ’s basic full-spectrum oil, but with a twist—some extra CBG to enhance the balancing effects of the oil.

Gummies. A fun way to take your vitamins, is now a fun way for you to take your cannabinoids. Kurativ’s 4:1 CBD / CBG gummies come in 5 flavors and your younger self will appreciate the classic shapes (like Peach Rings, omg). 

Kurativ Premium CBD gummies
Image courtesy of Kurativ

THC-free CBD oils. Non-psychoactive hemp products are allowed to have a negligible amount of THC in them—less than .3%, not nearly enough for a buzz—but if you prefer to go without, try a CBD oil made with isolate. It won’t give you all the minor cannabinoids, but Kurativ sources it from the same hemp farm they trust with their full-spectrum oils.

CBD and CBG topicals. Formulated in full-spectrum, high-CBG, and THC-free varieties, Kurativ’s topicals are made with simple, time-honored ingredients like coconut and beeswax.

Pet Products. You don’t get to have all the fun–your pets can join in on the action, too. Pet tinctures are available in three flavors, along with all-natural beef jerky treats. As pet lovers themselves, Kurativ believes your animals deserve premium quality, too, so all their pet offerings are human grade.There’s certainly a lot to choose from at Kurativ, so if you’re having trouble deciding you can always purchase sample sized oils, or dive into their CBD/CBG gift boxes so you can try them all!

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