Where to find Maine’s recreational marijuana stores


Maine’s marijuana dispensaries will begin selling products to all adults, age 21 and older, on Oct. 9.

Not all dispensaries will be licensed for recreational sales on Oct. 9, however. It takes time for each store’s application to work through the process.

There is no delivery option for recreational customers. Delivery remains legal for medical sales only.

Learn about Maine’s marijuana laws and limits

Use Leafly Finder to locate the stores near you

The fastest way to find licensed marijuana stores is to use Leafly Finder, which maps all local outlets near you.

Leafly only features state-licensed locations, so you know your products are legal and tested for quality and potency.

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Where the stores are

The existing medical marijuana dispensaries listed below are completing the licensing process to offer adult-use sales. Most are still waiting for final approval from the state.

The table below notes the stores that have received final approval to sell adult-use products on Oct. 9. A blank space indicates the store is still in the licensing process.

Many stores are expected to receive approval between now and Oct. 9, and Leafly will update the table daily to reflect the new approvals.

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